Health Claims

The individual in question has claimed to have been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in conjunction with heart disease and emphysema. He had told the Buddhist community that was caring for him that he “had two years to live.” Stage IV cancer would normally be expected to cause progressive weakness and fatigue, as well as weight loss. It would, in the absence of treatment, be expected to progress in a manner that would result in increasing loss of energy and function over time, ultimately resulting in death.

Members of the community that was caring for him report seeing him go for long hikes in the mountains of Arizona, some of which were extremely steep. He was able to outhike some observers who were young and healthy.

Observers also reported that it was difficult for him to remain still or rest-he always seemed to have endless energy. He was able to spend hours on the internet posting to his blog as well as walking in the desert. He rarely slept.

While staying with a Buddhist community in Arizona for “hospice care” he was taken to the hospital for claims of “bleeding from his lungs” and chest pain. EMT’s found nothing wrong with his heart, and doctors found no evidence of cancer in his lungs. He was found to have gastric problems and arthritis. Though his claim of cancer has been proven to be false, it is known to those who have spent time with him that he has a history of chain smoking and black-out drinking.

While being cared for, he would request massages daily from nuns who were his caregivers.

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