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Deflecting Truth

May 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Mr. Wilson would have you believe that it is actually Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo and her sangha at Kunzang Palyul Choling that is stalking him.  The interesting note here is he avoids telling the reader that for over a year, no one from KPC, to include Jetsunma made any contact with him on Twitter…none, zip, nada.  Not one word came from Jetsunma or members of KPC, yet Mr. Wilson insists that KPC was stalking him.  Investigators at Protecting Nyingma, and yes, there are investigators (as in multiple) that contribute to this blog and not one writer as Mr. Wilson states.  By the way, “Davy” is David Williams (Gonpo Yeshe).  He is a monk and student of Jetsunma’s and has had nothing to do with this blog.  He is quite busy facilitating the spiritual programs curriculum at KPC under the direction of Jetsunma.  He made time to speak with our investigators, while some of us were out visiting earlier this year.  We are not going to engage in the “tit for tat” modus operandi that Mr. Wilson likes to create (to deflect the real issues), but do want to clear Gonpo Yeshe’s name in making it clear that he is not the owner of this blog, as Mr. Wilson would like you to believe.

Back to the topic.  How is it that Jetsunma and KPC are stalking Mr. Wilson when they have not so much breathed his name in over a year?  It has only been recently, as in the last week, which members actually engaged with him, and this was after a clear understanding that the formal criminal investigation had ended.  As mentioned in earlier posts, Jetsunma and members of KPC were not at liberty to discuss the case while the FBI, DOJ (Department of Justice) and the U.S. Attorney’s office were looking into, and pursuing the Cyberstalking charges against William Cassidy.  Protecting Nyingma investigators visited KPC earlier this year, to make offerings to Jetsunma, and even though we pushed for information, KPC was firm in following what law enforcement and lawyers had asked them to do.  Now, they are ready to talk as the investigation has come to a close.

We do monitor twitter on a daily basis in order to follow the pertinent streams (we also enjoy many other twitter account holders and engage regularly with many folks on twitter…that is to say, we are not solely watching the many faces of Andrew Wilson).   Much to our interests, members of KPC began to engage with Mr. Wilson, politely, and with respect, yet Mr. Wilson continue to spew hate and aggressiveness.  When pushed to talk and confront the truth of the defaming and harassing, threatening tweets towards Jetsunma and members of KPC, he suddenly went offline and made his tweets private.  Interesting.

This is a person who absolutely cannot stand to be A) confronted with the truth and B) refuses to see and/or listen to anyone who does not agree with him.  And, this is supposed to be a person who some sort of spiritual accomplishment in Zen?

Between May 17th and May 20th, Andrew tweeted some forty-plus tweets about Tulkus and other varying tweets targeted toward Jetsunma.  It’s important to remember motivation…what exactly is the motivation of tweeting tweet after tweet about tulkus?  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to tweet his experiences of Zen, and leave Varjayana Buddhism out of it, since he doesn’t really know anything about it?

He would be of greater benefit by sticking to his religion of choice.  Besides, it speaks of no accomplishment to bash other lineages and schools.

Okay…he keeps bringing up Palzang.  So, let’s talk about it.  John Buhmeyer was a monk at KPC.  That is true.  Meaning, he was a man who had taken monk’s vows, and was a student of Jetsunma’s.  He is also a human being with faults and imperfections, and that nasty thing we call habitual tendencies.   We were told that he was a member at KPC for many years, and a monk in good standing.  One of our investigators travelled out to the prison to meet the man when the news broke loose of what had happened.  He made no reservations about speaking with us.  Basically, the man has a past.  (Don’t we all?)  Mr. Wilson went to a school for youth at risk, right Mr. Wilson?  Are you judged for that, Andy?”  Mr. Buhmeyer’s past included a terrible, terrible habit, molesting young boys.  He went for many years without giving in to this habitual tendency, and one day, he gave in.  A very unfortunate set of circumstances.  The minute that Jetsunma found out, she was heartbroken we are told.  She immediately instructed him to give back his robes according to tradition, and turn himself into the authorities, which he did.  So, there.  He is a human being, and although his actions are despicable, it does not make Jetsunma any less of a recognized and enthroned tulku.  Read up on the behaviors of many, many monks and nuns of all traditions and you will read more tragic stories like this.  Because Catholic priest molest boys, does this mean the entire Catholic religion should be banned?  Ask a Catholic how they feel about it.

Next, Mr. Wilson wants to make a big deal about the style we use with cut and paste tweets, indicating that this method is taking his tweets out of context.  So, is he saying that his hundreds upon hundreds of tweets with a single pointed focus of defaming and harassing Jetsunma are, uh… somehow misunderstood?  Tell us, Andy, how should one receive the barrage of tweets you like to spew forth calling Buddhist masters and members of their community vicious names, and worse yet, defaming the Teachings of the Buddha?  Are you so special, have you achieved some level of accomplishment so great, that you can say whatever you want to anyone, but the minute someone points out ANYTHING about you, they should be shot and hanged?  This is what we call chauvinism.  This is what we call six year old antics on the playground.

Let’s talk about your cat.  First, we are sorry that you lost your pet.  As pet lovers, we can certainly understand the heartbreak of one losing their pet.  This may have actually been a good time for you to point out, that you were NOT in fact William Cassidy.  But no, you hid behind the façade until the FBI busted you out.  That naïve FBI agent tracked you down across the country.  Doesn’t sound so naïve to us.  You had ample opportunity to disclose your real name, and actually prove you were not William Cassidy, but you were just having too much fun defaming, harassing, and yes, even threatening Jetsunma.  Why stop when you can hide behind a mask, right Andy?   What exactly will make it okay for you to let go of the cat issue?  Can you actually let go of anything? Doesn’t Zen include the idea of non-existence?

Let’s talk about the FBI raid.  You have talked about it until the cows came home.  You got caught.  That is what this is about.  You got caught.  You want to hide behind free speech, but the bottom line is that while you were up in Oregon running your mouth wide open at mach speed; it never occurred to you that the federal government, based on a grand jury indictment no less, could knock on your front door.  Oh the suffering.  Take the experience and put it in your practice.

Andrew Wilson likes to deflect.  Anything that he can grab and use to deflect the truth away from him is what he will do.  And, it was a mutually beneficial relationship between him and William Cassidy.  They were able to carry out both of their ambitions of defaming women, especially women holding religious positions, and they probably feel that way about any woman holding any position of authority (Wilson can’t even fathom that it might be women behind this blog…or at least a few).

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Cyberstalking is Contrary to Buddha Dharma

May 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Andrew Wilson would like you to believe that he is the victim of cyberstalking.  He asks a very good question in this tweet below:

Yes, Mr Wilson, cyberstalking is contrary to Buddha Dharma.  It is harmful and causes tremendous suffering to others, not to mention the karmic debt it creates for oneself.  So, we would like to ask Andrew why he cannot look in the mirror and see that he his own words harm people.

In the following tweets, Mr. Wilson clearly wishes harm on Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, and he tweets directly to her to make sure that she knows.

No one should have to endure stalking and threats like this.

Mr. Wilson also evidently has a misogynistic streak as well, getting his frustrations out by degrading Jetsunma as a female spiritual leader, nuns, and women in general, as the following tweets demonstrate:

It is time for the laws of this land to protect people and especially women from such abuse. Every woman has the right to stand up to bullies such as Andrew Wilson.

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Andrew Wilson’s Intent to Harass, Intimidate, and Cause Substantial Emotional Distress

May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post about Andrew Wilson, Kunzang Palyul Choling and Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo had no knowledge of who Andrew Wilson was until they discovered that he had also been raided by the FBI on February 15, 2011 on the same day and at the same time that William Cassidy was being raided at his compound in Lucerne Valley, California on stalking charges.   Until then, Andrew Wilson had not gone public on Twitter with his actual name.  He only did this after the visit by law enforcement.

Andrew Wilson makes a big deal about the FBI raid and tweets that he was innocent and that there was no reason for the FBI to raid him, that rather Jetsunma and KPC and their attorneys had arm-twisted the FBI to conduct the raid.  This is ludicrous and Wilson knows it.

Private citizens can file complaints with the FBI and file complaints with the US Attorney’s office, but the FBI and US Attorney’s Office don’t take complaints seriously and invest their limited resources in a case unless there is good reason and probable cause.  They were serious about this case because there was probable cause.

The FBI doesn’t raid a private citizen like Andrew Wilson unless they have a court order or grand jury indictment.   This is very serious and Wilson knows it.  Andrew wants to play the innocent but he is not innocent.  He is a stalker.  He threatened and stalked Jetsunma from accounts that the FBI traced back to him.  The FBI had good reason to raid him that morning, and in yesterday’s blog post we showed a sampling of the Twitter accounts Wilson was operating to threaten Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo with physical harm and psychological trauma.

The cyberstalking statute includes three key phrases:  intent to harass, intent to intimidate and intent to cause substantial emotional distress.  Andrew Wilson used his various Twitter accounts with the intent to harass, intimidate and cause emotional distress to Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.  Here are some additional examples of such tweets:

The following are a small sample of tweets that show how Wilson attempted to defame Jetsunma’s character.

While the court system failed Jetsunma and continues to fail victims of stalking, our intent is to shed light on her stalkers and stalkers in general. Our intent is to let readers know the truth about Andrew Wilson.  Jetsunma’s goal has always been to protect beings from suffering, and her willingness to share this information publicly goes along with this.

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The literal nightmare Andrew Wilson

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

FINALLY we’ve got some information from KPC and we’ve checked it out. We’ve been researching for years, and finally we have some real information and wanted to pass it on. So here’s what we know….

Our regular readers are already familiar with Andrew Wilson, one of the two men who has been cyberstalking, threatening and tormenting Jetsunma for several years. (To those who don’t know,  Andrew Wilson has been viciously and relentlessly attacking Jetsunma, KPC and the Palyul lineage online via numerous Twitter accounts since 2010. He calls himself a Zen master and tries to convince unsuspecting students that he is an accomplished being. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

We have written about Andrew Wilson’s cyber-stalking before– here and here and here and here. We described how he joined forces with William Cassidy to declare all-out war on Jetsunma. KPC and the Palyul lineage despite the fact that neither Jetsunma nor anyone in KPC’s sangha has even met this demon of a man.

The thing is, even though we tried to keep our readers informed of his actions, we never had all the information because Jetsunma and KPC were under direct instruction from lawyers not to discuss the case. However, now we’ve learned that the law will not protect Jetsunma so we will hold nothing back in letting the world know the literal nightmare Andrew Wilson has created for Jetsunma.

On February 15, 2011, the FBI raided Andrew Wilson’s home. Some time after this, the FBI informed Jetsunma and KPC that some of the Twitter accounts that were threatening and harassing her actually belonged to Wilson. Up until then, neither Jetsunma nor anyone at KPC had even heard of Andrew Wilson. They had assumed all of the online activity was coming from William Cassidy.

It’s been over a year since the FBI raid, and Andrew Wilson continues to claim that he is the victim– that Jetsunma is not only the stalker but somehow she ordered the FBI to bust down his door and confiscate his computer. All this, despite the fact that she didn’t even know he existed. Up until now, Andrew has taken advantage of the fact that there was a legal case pending and that neither Jetsunma nor KPC could discuss all of his actions. But now that the law has left Jetsunma to fend for herself, we are making every bit of it public.

Here are some examples of the horrific tweets Andrew Wilson sent using various identities.

Sometimes he was just plain cruel:

He often waged psychological warfare on Jetsunma:

Some of his death threats and threats of physical harm:

And the ultimate admission that he is indeed a dangerous stalker:

These are not the words of an innocent man. Andrew Wilson is a cruel, bloodthirsty and obsessed cyber-stalker who has made multiple death threats to Jetsunma and subjected her to daily psychological assault.

So let’s be clear about who the victim is. Jetsunma lives in constant terror of being killed. She is in severe pain every day due to conditions caused by the relentless stress. She experiences constant attacks online by ever-changing Twitter accounts and blogs. Every time she engages in an online conversation she must be on guard for this shape-shifting ghoul. At one point she was too afraid to leave her house for one and a half years. She went into hiding, and he still persisted. She cannot hide for long. She is a prominent Buddhist teacher with a large sangha of students all over the world. She is in the impossible position of being a public figure when it is wholly unsafe for her to be in public. Jetsunma’s very existence is dedicated to benefiting beings, and there is nothing in the world more cruel than aiming venom at a being who opens her heart to all.

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Tulkus and Lineage

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Lord Buddha Shakyamuni lived over 2,500 years ago in what is now India and Nepal.  Seeing the suffering of the world, he sought out and discovered a way to end this suffering that is endured by all sentient beings, the suffering of continuous death and rebirth since time out of mind with no hope of escape.  He spent the majority of his life teaching this path, and after his life was over, those disciples remembered his teachings and passed them down from generation to generation.  Eventually all the major schools and traditions of Buddhism that we see in the world today were developed.  All trace their roots to the Buddha.

During his lifetime, the Buddha is said to have turned the Wheel of Dharma (the teachings) three times.  First he taught the Four Noble Truths of suffering, the cause of suffering, the ending of suffering, and the path leading to the end of suffering.  These teachings form the basis of the Theravadan schools of Buddhism.  In the second turning of the Wheel he taught the perfection of wisdom, or the Prajña Paramita, which formed the basis of the Mahayana schools of Buddhism.  In the final turning of the Wheel, he taught the doctrine of absolute truth.

Today, all one has to do is make a search of the internet to find a virtual cottage industry of gossip and accusations against virtually every living (and many dead) Buddhist teachers, not just from Tibetan Buddhism, but every branch of Buddhism.

Buddhist teachers, in particular those associated with Tibetan Buddhism, work to break the student out of their old, tired habitual tendencies, tendencies that have developed over countless lifetimes and that keep the student trapped in endless rounds of life, death, and rebirth.  Unless the student can break out of these habituated tendencies, they will never know liberation from this cycle.  This is the method that the Buddha taught.

There are some people who feed off such gossip and accusations, delighting in them, feeling that they make themselves look blameless and spotless, even though the truth is almost certainly quite the opposite.  They begin to think of themselves as better than the teacher, smarter, more “enlightened”.  This is, of course, nothing more than delusion.  All the person is doing is pumping up their own pathetic ego, meanwhile completely missing the opportunity to rid themselves of the poisons which keep them forever revolving in cyclic existence.  They become so infatuated with their own cleverness and “rightness” that they forget that death approaches rapidly, and that they will leave this life totally unprepared for what ensues.  It is a sad situation, but one that continues to be widespread in the West.

So, what are the qualities to look for in a qualified Teacher of the Buddhist Teachings?  Gyatrul Rinpoche describes the qualified teacher in this way:

“He should have great pure vision, pure perception, and should work solely for the purpose of others. The lama should have abandoned the eight worldly concerns, and without a single concern for this life and for the things of this life, he should direct all efforts towards preparations for future lifetimes.  He should be a true holder of a lineage containing the powerful blessings of great realized masters. . . .”

Gyaltrul Rinpoche continues in the same text to describe some things to look out for, such as one who mixes traditions.

“Such a teacher may be clever with words, there may be much to listen to, but the path is upside down. Such a teacher will say he is non-sectarian, saying this is why he’s bringing all these different teachings together (p. 47).”

Emphasizing the importance of all the traditions, Gyaltrul Rinpoche stresses that they should not be mixed; the clarity of the teacher, the teaching, and the lineage is essential because of the confusion in which we sentient beings find ourselves.

You are already in a state of deep-rooted confusion. When a teacher doesn’t lay out a path clearly, when he can’t document its origins, its lineages, and has no proof of its validity, when he mixes traditions, creating his own path, and tries to convince you of its validity, confusion increases. On the other hand, if a teacher is very clear and teaches in a straightforward way: This is our tradition; this is the origin, these are the principles, this is the path, no matter what religion or what tradition, keeping it in its proper context, this makes things much easier for the disciple.” (p.49)

The Great Master of Oddiyana, Padmasambhava warns:  “Not to examine the teacher is like drinking poison.”

Lineage is both delimited and defined by accomplishment. One cannot be said to “hold” a lineage in the absence of actual accomplishment.  And that is where we see the one-sidedness.  One does not “point to” one’s teachers; one’s teachers point to the ones they recognize as accomplished.  Conferring of these very titles by Lineage Masters represents that recognition of accomplishment.

Students in the West who have only been exposed to Buddhism for a relatively short time and who have little familiarity with the arcane practices and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in particular, the idea of lineage and Tulkus seems foreign and somehow suspicious.  The idea of teachers being reborn again and again to guide their students towards liberation seems impossible.  Some even see it as a way of ensuring that power remains in the hands of a select few who control – or controlled – a large percentage of Tibet’s wealth and land.  Is this really the case?  Is Lineage and the Tulku system that supports it of any value in the West?  Does it support or obstruct students on their path?

One way to approach this issue would be to imagine what Buddhism would be like without the concept of lineage.  Lineage means that the teachings are passed directly from master to student, and it is never done without demonstrable accomplishment on the part of the student.  Once the student receives the transmission, he or she becomes a lineage holder fully qualified not only to teach but to pass along the teachings to his or her student(s).  It is not a light responsibility.  Without integrity, there would be no lineage.

Without this direct transmission from teacher to student, the teachings would soon become corrupted and fade away.  They would lose their vitality, their freshness.  They would just become another dry, stale philosophy tucked away in old books in libraries.  No one would understand their essence, and no one would benefit from studying them.  Eventually the teachings would become a mere footnote in history or lost altogether.

Lineage then is necessary to preserve the essence and purity of the teachings, to prevent them from being distorted and perverted into something other than what they were intended to be and from being used as excuses to control and destroy others.  Those who criticize the idea of lineage in Buddhism and the vital role that Tulkus play in preserving that lineage have not examined its value and necessity.  Rather they would follow the path of self-indulgence and delusion, celebrating their own egos at the expense of true enlightenment.

Tulku is often translated into English as “reincarnate lama”, but its meaning is a bit more profound than that.   The Tibetan word “Tulku” is a translation of the Sanskrit word “Nirmanakaya”.  Nirmanakaya is one of the so-called three bodies of the Buddha (kaya means body and nirmana means created, so “created body”).  The other two bodies of the Buddha are the Sambhogakaya (“bliss body”) and Dharmakaya (“truth body”).  They represent the enlightened body, speech and mind of the Buddha.  In other words, they represent the three ways in which the Buddha displays his enlightened activity.

Therefore the Nirmanakaya form of the Buddha is the manifestation of enlightenment on the physical plane.  Without this manifestation, such as Buddha Shakyamuni, there would be no way for ordinary sentient beings to even know that there is such a thing as enlightenment, much less have a path to follow so that they also could attain that state.

Tulkus, however, do not have to be fully enlightened beings.  Rather a Tulku is considered to be a reincarnation of a Buddhist master who has achieved a level of attainment and has developed the mind of Bodhicitta, or ultimate compassion, and because of the compassion he or she has for the suffering of sentient beings has taken a vow to return to this life again and again to help beings attain enlightenment, the end of suffering.  When most sentient beings die, they are blown by the winds of karma to their next life, which may be in any of the six realms of existence (hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm, human realm, jealous god realm or god realm) and in conditions ranging from extreme suffering to extreme bliss.  Tulkus, however, are able to choose their next incarnation because of their pure motivation and intent to benefit others.

The Tulku system is a uniquely Tibetan institution (although it is also found in other countries which follow the Vajrayana form of Buddhism, such as Mongolia, Bhutan, Sikkim or Ladakh).  The first Tulku to be recognized was the Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi, who lived from 1206-1283 c.e., who was identified as the reincarnation of the First Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa, who founded the Karma Kagyu tradition.  Since that time literally thousands of Tulkus have been recognized, both in the Asian countries in which Vajrayana has been traditionally practiced and more recently in countries into which Vajrayana has spread following the diaspora caused by the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Generally a Tulku is recognized by another Tulku (or Tulkus) as only a being with a high level of attainment has the power to accurately judge whether someone has the qualities necessary to be recognized.  Such recognition is not taken lightly.  Tulkus in Tibet usually enjoyed a great deal of power and often wealth, and because of that, there were cases where Tulkus were recognized because of political expediency more than any actual authentic recognition of their spiritual attainment.  Such instances are unfortunate, but it is to be expected whenever ordinary sentient are involved.  However, when the recognition is done by an authentic master or a Living Buddha (one who has attained ultimate liberation), then the recognition may be trusted.

Traditionally a Tulku was found at an early age and had to be pass various tests in order to be fully recognized.  For example, the testing lama may lay out three ritual implements, such as a mala (prayer beads) or a begging bowl, one of which belonged to the former incarnation.  If the child chose the correct item, that was an indication that he was a good candidate.  After that an oracle was usually consulted as the Tibetans made few important decisions without such a consultation.  If the oracle agreed that the child was indeed the Tulku of the former incarnation, and if the head of the lineage (and often the Dalai Lama) agreed, then the child would be officially recognized.  Following that, the child would usually be enthroned.  This meant that the child was fully authorized to teach in the tradition of that particular lineage.  Once recognized as a Tulku, and given responsibility to teach, it is not something that can be withdrawn, as it is a recognition of who they are.

In the case of Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, Spiritual Director and Teacher for Kunzang Palyul Choling ( recognition occurred at a much older age than was traditional in Tibet.  It also involved the recognition of a woman, a Western woman nonetheless, whereas in Tibet this recognition was almost always a male.  Jetsunma had also no formal training in Buddhism, teaching directly from her mind.  Such recognition caused some controversy because of its nontraditional aspects.  Yet His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, who was widely venerated as a Living Buddha, was adamant in his recognition, and he was supported by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, also a former Supreme Head of the Nyingma tradition, and the Second Dzongnang Jampal Lodro Rinpoche, the most senior Palyul Tulku.  It was in turn confirmed by the Dalai Lama.

Recognition was conferred only after a careful examination by His Holiness of what she was teaching her students as well as interviewing her personally in India.  He recognized her because he could see that her teachings would be of benefit to sentient beings.  He wrote that he really had no concern whether others would agree with his recognition or whether it would be a popular recognition or any of that.  He basically said that he calls them as he sees them and if other people have problems with his decisions, it’s their problem, not his.  He continued to enthusiastically support her efforts until the end of his life in 2009.  His successor, His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, has also stated on numerous occasions that he supports her just as His Holiness Penor Rinpoche did and that her activity and her center must continue.

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Dharma demands that we take proper responsibility…

May 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Dharma demands that we take proper responsibility.  There has to be proper respect and a real proper place provided where the dharma can be taught.  These are the words of Chogyam Trungpa.   In the 1970’s, Trungpa Rinpoche began giving teachings, inspired by his vision of the legendary Kingdom of Shambhala, that focused on using mindfulness/awareness meditation as a means of connecting with one’s basic sanity and using that insight as inspiration for one’s encounter with the world.

He formed a group, called the Dorje Kasung that had the mission of creating an appropriate environment for the transmission of Shambhala teachings.  Rinpoche gave the group specific teachings, later captured in the book, True Command, training the students of Shambhala to provide a gentle and uplifted presence at teaching events, providing security services, driving, and personal assistance to teachers, working with any issues of conflict, or health that arose in the community.

The training and model for the group was based (and currently still is) on military forms, such as hierarchy, uniforms, and drill.  The purpose of utilizing the military format is not to propagate war, rather to take advantage of the discipline and energy of military forms to embody and communicate compassion.

“The reason we have a military at all is because we want to keep the dharma so pure and so good.” ~ Trungpa Rinpoche

Rinpoche told his students of the Dorje Kasung that it was their job to inspire the attitude to practice dharma properly.  He taught that it was not the job of the Kasung to merely provide high class service to visiting teachers to the various centers, but that their job was much more than to be of ordinary service.  Indeed, their job was / is to make sure that the teachers can extend further, so that they can have a completely expansive vision.  When the Dorje Kasung has done its job, then the teacher can actually project the whole vision of the teaching.   So, it is a big job to create the atmosphere for the teachings to be presented.  Trungpa believed that the dharma could not be properly taught without this group to create a proper atmosphere.

The practice of the Dorje Kasung is founded on the Mahayana Buddhist principle of compassionate action, and inspired by the vajaryana emphasis on working directly with the energy of neurosis and transforming it into wisdom.  Thus, by engaging directly with military forms students aspire to fulfill the vision expressed in the meaning behind the Dorje Kasung, which literally means, “Indestructible Protectors of the Body of the Dharma.”

Certain Shambhala practices derive from specific terma texts of Trungpa Rinpoche, and it is believed by his students that Trungpa received these teachings  directly from Gesar of Ling, the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling and emanation of Padmasambhava.  Their terma status was confirmed by the Nyingma master His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, a Vajrayana master, scholar, poet, teacher and head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism from 1987 to 1991.  His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche passed in September of 1991.

Trungpa Rinpoche was a buddhist master and holder of both the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, and originator of a radical representation of the Shambhala vision.  He was recognized by Tibetan Buddhists  as a preeminent teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, and major figure in the dissemination of the teachings of the Buddha in the West.

Further, Trungpa Rinpoche was regarded as a mahasiddha by many senior lamas, embodying the crazy wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.  He continues to be revered for his work, and devotion to the teachings of the Buddha and the Shambhala vision.

True Command: Teachings of the Dorje Kasung, Chogyam Trungpa. Trident Publications, 2005.

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It’s a matter of obligation and responsibility…

May 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Blog writers and investigators feel it is their obligation to warn fellow Buddhists about the activities of a con artist who is actively trying to penetrate Buddhist organizations anywhere and any place he can in order to bilk them of their funds and, if possible, their organization’s assets, such as land and buildings.  William Cassidy has numerous aliases so you are unlikely to encounter him using his actual name.  William L. Cassidy is a career criminal and sociopath who has served prison time for acts of violence and sexual assault against women, and was detained for approximately a year for cyber stalking.  He was indicted by a grand jury in 2011, and was detained by US Marshals for almost a year.  You can read more about that at .  He should be considered extremely dangerous.

Cassidy has a number of aliases that he has used, including Tulku Tenpa, Urgyen Rinpoche, Jigme Rinpoche, Bob O’Hearn, William Sanderson, and Marshal Jim Duncan.  He is also very active on Twitter where he utilized an ever-changing cast of sock puppets to both lure in unsuspecting victims and to attack those who have exposed him for what he is.

Blog investigators have circumstantial evidence that Cassidy is currently using the avatar @mana_horse.  While we can’t be certain at this time, we do feel it’s our duty to warn that he is constantly changing Twitter identities, deleting old ones and adding new ones.  He also creates accounts using the legitimate names of authentic teachers and then poses as them while continuing his attacks.

In 2008, while Cassidy was being cared for by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo’s sangha (prior to them realizing who he really is and his con games; see more background information at , she became suspicious of his claims of being a tulku and decided to check with the master’s of the Palyul lineage, including His Holiness Penor Rinpoche to verify whether Cassidy was a tulku.  His Holiness responded that as a Western man if Cassidy had been recognized as a tulku, His Holiness would have been aware of that.  His Holiness Penor Rinpoche confirmed that Cassidy was not a tulku, and instructed that Jetsunma could be kind to him, but Cassidy was not who he claimed to be.  [click here to see His Holiness’ letter]

Being exposed by Ahkön Lhamo brought out the worst of Cassidy’s sociopathic tendencies.  He also blames her for having to serve more prison time.  Now, more than four years later, along with his cyber stalking partner, Andrew Wilson, (@MuJuShinKyo) Cassidy has conspired to launch a series of blistering, relentless attacks on Ahkön Lhamo (@JALPalyul) on Twitter, spreading lies which have not the least basis in truth.  We have circumstantial evidence that Wilson is also @Horse_Crimes on Twitter.  Cassidy and Wilson play games for what seems like 24 hours a day, without cessation, launching tweet after tweet to humiliate, stalk, and harass Jetsunma.

KPC indicates they had no knowledge of Andrew Wilson prior to the FBI raid that took place in February 2011, and were informed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it was Andrew Wilson who was connected with some (not all) of the twitter accounts behind some of the vicious threats against Jetsunma.  This was first learning that Cassidy in fact had a cohort in the onslaught of attacks.  Blog investigators have asked KPC members if Andrew Wilson has any past relationships with Jetsunma or KPC, and the answer is no, he is an unknown to Jetsunma and her organization.  They have no knowledge of him or why he has developed such a strong interest in attacking Jetsunma and KPC.  More on Wilson at: and .

Both Cassidy and Wilson have attacked the Palyul lineage, one moment attacking the lineage masters as fakes and money hungry, the next attempting to lure various lineage lamas into their fold, lamas such as Ogyen Tulku Rinpoche.  Their goal is clear: to bring down Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, and the pure Palyul lineage.

Don’t be fooled.  These men mean no good. If you have had any contact with them or if you have been victimized by them in any way, please tell us about your experience by contacting this blog.  Please include any evidence you have to support your claims.  The information in this post can be verified elsewhere on this blog, public records, and multiple verified online sources.


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