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Deflecting Truth

Mr. Wilson would have you believe that it is actually Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo and her sangha at Kunzang Palyul Choling that is stalking him.  The interesting note here is he avoids telling the reader that for over a year, no one from KPC, to include Jetsunma made any contact with him on Twitter…none, zip, nada.  Not one word came from Jetsunma or members of KPC, yet Mr. Wilson insists that KPC was stalking him.  Investigators at Protecting Nyingma, and yes, there are investigators (as in multiple) that contribute to this blog and not one writer as Mr. Wilson states.  By the way, “Davy” is David Williams (Gonpo Yeshe).  He is a monk and student of Jetsunma’s and has had nothing to do with this blog.  He is quite busy facilitating the spiritual programs curriculum at KPC under the direction of Jetsunma.  He made time to speak with our investigators, while some of us were out visiting earlier this year.  We are not going to engage in the “tit for tat” modus operandi that Mr. Wilson likes to create (to deflect the real issues), but do want to clear Gonpo Yeshe’s name in making it clear that he is not the owner of this blog, as Mr. Wilson would like you to believe.

Back to the topic.  How is it that Jetsunma and KPC are stalking Mr. Wilson when they have not so much breathed his name in over a year?  It has only been recently, as in the last week, which members actually engaged with him, and this was after a clear understanding that the formal criminal investigation had ended.  As mentioned in earlier posts, Jetsunma and members of KPC were not at liberty to discuss the case while the FBI, DOJ (Department of Justice) and the U.S. Attorney’s office were looking into, and pursuing the Cyberstalking charges against William Cassidy.  Protecting Nyingma investigators visited KPC earlier this year, to make offerings to Jetsunma, and even though we pushed for information, KPC was firm in following what law enforcement and lawyers had asked them to do.  Now, they are ready to talk as the investigation has come to a close.

We do monitor twitter on a daily basis in order to follow the pertinent streams (we also enjoy many other twitter account holders and engage regularly with many folks on twitter…that is to say, we are not solely watching the many faces of Andrew Wilson).   Much to our interests, members of KPC began to engage with Mr. Wilson, politely, and with respect, yet Mr. Wilson continue to spew hate and aggressiveness.  When pushed to talk and confront the truth of the defaming and harassing, threatening tweets towards Jetsunma and members of KPC, he suddenly went offline and made his tweets private.  Interesting.

This is a person who absolutely cannot stand to be A) confronted with the truth and B) refuses to see and/or listen to anyone who does not agree with him.  And, this is supposed to be a person who some sort of spiritual accomplishment in Zen?

Between May 17th and May 20th, Andrew tweeted some forty-plus tweets about Tulkus and other varying tweets targeted toward Jetsunma.  It’s important to remember motivation…what exactly is the motivation of tweeting tweet after tweet about tulkus?  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to tweet his experiences of Zen, and leave Varjayana Buddhism out of it, since he doesn’t really know anything about it?

He would be of greater benefit by sticking to his religion of choice.  Besides, it speaks of no accomplishment to bash other lineages and schools.

Okay…he keeps bringing up Palzang.  So, let’s talk about it.  John Buhmeyer was a monk at KPC.  That is true.  Meaning, he was a man who had taken monk’s vows, and was a student of Jetsunma’s.  He is also a human being with faults and imperfections, and that nasty thing we call habitual tendencies.   We were told that he was a member at KPC for many years, and a monk in good standing.  One of our investigators travelled out to the prison to meet the man when the news broke loose of what had happened.  He made no reservations about speaking with us.  Basically, the man has a past.  (Don’t we all?)  Mr. Wilson went to a school for youth at risk, right Mr. Wilson?  Are you judged for that, Andy?”  Mr. Buhmeyer’s past included a terrible, terrible habit, molesting young boys.  He went for many years without giving in to this habitual tendency, and one day, he gave in.  A very unfortunate set of circumstances.  The minute that Jetsunma found out, she was heartbroken we are told.  She immediately instructed him to give back his robes according to tradition, and turn himself into the authorities, which he did.  So, there.  He is a human being, and although his actions are despicable, it does not make Jetsunma any less of a recognized and enthroned tulku.  Read up on the behaviors of many, many monks and nuns of all traditions and you will read more tragic stories like this.  Because Catholic priest molest boys, does this mean the entire Catholic religion should be banned?  Ask a Catholic how they feel about it.

Next, Mr. Wilson wants to make a big deal about the style we use with cut and paste tweets, indicating that this method is taking his tweets out of context.  So, is he saying that his hundreds upon hundreds of tweets with a single pointed focus of defaming and harassing Jetsunma are, uh… somehow misunderstood?  Tell us, Andy, how should one receive the barrage of tweets you like to spew forth calling Buddhist masters and members of their community vicious names, and worse yet, defaming the Teachings of the Buddha?  Are you so special, have you achieved some level of accomplishment so great, that you can say whatever you want to anyone, but the minute someone points out ANYTHING about you, they should be shot and hanged?  This is what we call chauvinism.  This is what we call six year old antics on the playground.

Let’s talk about your cat.  First, we are sorry that you lost your pet.  As pet lovers, we can certainly understand the heartbreak of one losing their pet.  This may have actually been a good time for you to point out, that you were NOT in fact William Cassidy.  But no, you hid behind the façade until the FBI busted you out.  That naïve FBI agent tracked you down across the country.  Doesn’t sound so naïve to us.  You had ample opportunity to disclose your real name, and actually prove you were not William Cassidy, but you were just having too much fun defaming, harassing, and yes, even threatening Jetsunma.  Why stop when you can hide behind a mask, right Andy?   What exactly will make it okay for you to let go of the cat issue?  Can you actually let go of anything? Doesn’t Zen include the idea of non-existence?

Let’s talk about the FBI raid.  You have talked about it until the cows came home.  You got caught.  That is what this is about.  You got caught.  You want to hide behind free speech, but the bottom line is that while you were up in Oregon running your mouth wide open at mach speed; it never occurred to you that the federal government, based on a grand jury indictment no less, could knock on your front door.  Oh the suffering.  Take the experience and put it in your practice.

Andrew Wilson likes to deflect.  Anything that he can grab and use to deflect the truth away from him is what he will do.  And, it was a mutually beneficial relationship between him and William Cassidy.  They were able to carry out both of their ambitions of defaming women, especially women holding religious positions, and they probably feel that way about any woman holding any position of authority (Wilson can’t even fathom that it might be women behind this blog…or at least a few).

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