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Cyberstalking is Contrary to Buddha Dharma

Andrew Wilson would like you to believe that he is the victim of cyberstalking.  He asks a very good question in this tweet below:

Yes, Mr Wilson, cyberstalking is contrary to Buddha Dharma.  It is harmful and causes tremendous suffering to others, not to mention the karmic debt it creates for oneself.  So, we would like to ask Andrew why he cannot look in the mirror and see that he his own words harm people.

In the following tweets, Mr. Wilson clearly wishes harm on Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, and he tweets directly to her to make sure that she knows.

No one should have to endure stalking and threats like this.

Mr. Wilson also evidently has a misogynistic streak as well, getting his frustrations out by degrading Jetsunma as a female spiritual leader, nuns, and women in general, as the following tweets demonstrate:

It is time for the laws of this land to protect people and especially women from such abuse. Every woman has the right to stand up to bullies such as Andrew Wilson.

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