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The literal nightmare Andrew Wilson

FINALLY we’ve got some information from KPC and we’ve checked it out. We’ve been researching for years, and finally we have some real information and wanted to pass it on. So here’s what we know….

Our regular readers are already familiar with Andrew Wilson, one of the two men who has been cyberstalking, threatening and tormenting Jetsunma for several years. (To those who don’t know,  Andrew Wilson has been viciously and relentlessly attacking Jetsunma, KPC and the Palyul lineage online via numerous Twitter accounts since 2010. He calls himself a Zen master and tries to convince unsuspecting students that he is an accomplished being. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

We have written about Andrew Wilson’s cyber-stalking before– here and here and here and here. We described how he joined forces with William Cassidy to declare all-out war on Jetsunma. KPC and the Palyul lineage despite the fact that neither Jetsunma nor anyone in KPC’s sangha has even met this demon of a man.

The thing is, even though we tried to keep our readers informed of his actions, we never had all the information because Jetsunma and KPC were under direct instruction from lawyers not to discuss the case. However, now we’ve learned that the law will not protect Jetsunma so we will hold nothing back in letting the world know the literal nightmare Andrew Wilson has created for Jetsunma.

On February 15, 2011, the FBI raided Andrew Wilson’s home. Some time after this, the FBI informed Jetsunma and KPC that some of the Twitter accounts that were threatening and harassing her actually belonged to Wilson. Up until then, neither Jetsunma nor anyone at KPC had even heard of Andrew Wilson. They had assumed all of the online activity was coming from William Cassidy.

It’s been over a year since the FBI raid, and Andrew Wilson continues to claim that he is the victim– that Jetsunma is not only the stalker but somehow she ordered the FBI to bust down his door and confiscate his computer. All this, despite the fact that she didn’t even know he existed. Up until now, Andrew has taken advantage of the fact that there was a legal case pending and that neither Jetsunma nor KPC could discuss all of his actions. But now that the law has left Jetsunma to fend for herself, we are making every bit of it public.

Here are some examples of the horrific tweets Andrew Wilson sent using various identities.

Sometimes he was just plain cruel:

He often waged psychological warfare on Jetsunma:

Some of his death threats and threats of physical harm:

And the ultimate admission that he is indeed a dangerous stalker:

These are not the words of an innocent man. Andrew Wilson is a cruel, bloodthirsty and obsessed cyber-stalker who has made multiple death threats to Jetsunma and subjected her to daily psychological assault.

So let’s be clear about who the victim is. Jetsunma lives in constant terror of being killed. She is in severe pain every day due to conditions caused by the relentless stress. She experiences constant attacks online by ever-changing Twitter accounts and blogs. Every time she engages in an online conversation she must be on guard for this shape-shifting ghoul. At one point she was too afraid to leave her house for one and a half years. She went into hiding, and he still persisted. She cannot hide for long. She is a prominent Buddhist teacher with a large sangha of students all over the world. She is in the impossible position of being a public figure when it is wholly unsafe for her to be in public. Jetsunma’s very existence is dedicated to benefiting beings, and there is nothing in the world more cruel than aiming venom at a being who opens her heart to all.

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