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Mana, menace, and mischief… ?

What next? As if the daily harassment and barrage of lies from the stalkers is not enough, it would seem that “they” have escalated, which unfortunately is the progression of a stalker.  Stalkers will “up the anty” until they perpetrate physically.  They suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder, making them physically and mentally incapable of stopping the behavior.  It’s an unfortunate karmic consequence, and offers a good teaching on cause and effect.

Investigators for the blog were contacted and informed that apparently a very low flying helicopter has been making specific traffic patterns at Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC), the spiritual community and Temple founded and directed by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo (www.tara.org).  Further, not only was KPC visited, but on the same day, the same aircraft was seen at Jetsunma’s home that is currently being prepared for the real estate market.

At both locations, a helicopter, flying at extremely low altitudes was seen circling in a manner that would seem as if “they” were looking for something specific, or perhaps just gathering information.  Which, all “they” had to do was watch Jetsunma’s twitter stream or the KPC website, and “they” would see that Jetsunma and her community continue to offer a place of spiritual refuge, having just celebrated 27 years of the 24/7 prayer vigil, and offering many ways to participate in compassionate activities.

Instead, “they” decided to pay for a hired gun (or horse!…?) to do “rounds” at both the Temple and Jetsunma’s home.  What are “they” looking for?  Perhaps “they” are interested in knowing about the current renovations of the Temple which has been in existence for almost 30 years, maintaining daily Buddhist practices, one of the nation’s largest crystal collections, and the seat for Kyabjé Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche in the United States.

Investigators report that local authorities have been contacted, and this could prove vital in the future.  It begs the question, why a helicopter?  For those who may not know, helicopters have different regulations to follow than single and twin engine airplanes.  Chopper pilots have a lot more leeway when it comes to airspace, and far more difficult to track.  However, “they” may not be as smart as “they” think.

We offer prayers that Jetsunma and her sangha remain safe from harm’s way, and that the stalkers can find the true path of compassion, offering to make the world a better place, and realizing that the harassment and lies serve no one.

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