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Andrew Wilson and William Cassidy, sitting in a tree …

Investigators at Protecting Nyingma have long known about the relationship between Andrew Wilson and William Cassidy.  In truth, it’s not rocket science given that much of 2010 and 2011 Wilson joined the onslaught of defamation, harassment and threats against Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, to the point that the FBI obtained a search warrant from a federal judge to raid his house (as well as Cassidy’s) in February 2011.  Wilson continued however while Cassidy sat in a federal prison.

And now that close confident, secretary and student to His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, Lobsang Chopel has passed (due to suspicious circumstances so we are told), Wilson and Cassidy feel even more free to say and do what they want, even if it isn’t true and damages the teachings of the Buddha.  Given the established relationship between Cassidy and Palyul Lama, Ogyen Tulku, one can only imagine the glee Cassidy must feel from this suspicious death of Lobsang Chopel.  He probably feels he still has a back door open to him into the Palyul Lineage.

Lobsang was the sole keeper of many important messages within the Palyul Lineage, and outspoken about his support of Jetsunma, and her organization.  It is a tragic loss, and shame that his death is ridden with such suspicious circumstances.

Anyone who follows the blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar knows how William Cassidy feels about rabbits, and today’s tweet from Wilson advocating and supporting William Cassidy’s blog “Let’s Talk About Rabbits” only supports our theory of their long love affair for one another.

From: @MuJuShinKyo
Sent: Mar 13, 2012 1:02p

RT @yesherabbit: RT @MuJuShinKyo: http://t.co/23PhowgV — to have a free range rabbit living side by side with you is an unparalleled experience of joy.

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From: @MuJuShinKyo
Sent: Mar 13, 2012 12:35p

“Let’s Talk About Rabbits,” courtesy of the always interesting Tenpa Rinpoche http://t.co/c8GO6Adu

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On Twitter: http://twitter.com/MuJuShinKyo/status/179606675014160384

Why Wilson and Cassidy both hate Jetsunma remains a mystery, unless you understand the many accomplishments by Jetsunma, which can be found by simply visiting www.tara.org and one can see and understand how con-men, stalkers, and felons may feel so emasculated.

A day doesn’t go by where Wilson is not sitting at a computer for hours attacking Jetsunma, who moves forward with her life (which must make him even crazier than thought to be), reaching thousands on Twitter and through her personal blog, http://www.tibetanbuddhistaltar.org/ all of which speak to compassion, causes of suffering, and the teachings of the Buddha.  How is it that someone like Wilson has the time to spend countless hours attacking Jetsunma online?  The experts will tell you that stalkers ultimately end up losing their jobs, spouses, homes, friends and family because they become so infatuated with the victim they can’t do anything beyond obsessing over their target, in this case, Jetsunma.   Those same experts will tell you that the stalker will put considerable research into their victims; all the while fantasizing they have some type of romantic relationship with their victim.  This was definitely the case with William Cassidy; he actually believed he and Jetsunma had a relationship when in fact…they never did.

We wonder how Andrew Wilson’s girlfriend, Gina, must feel about the level of attention that Wilson gives to Jetsunma…and Cassidy for that matter.  We can only speculate she must feel completely abandoned by him at this point.  Experts, such as Gavin DeBecker, have spoken and written books concerning the behavior of “the stalker” and how law enforcement has their hands tied in many ways.  The American Judicial system simply has not caught up with this type of criminal behavior.   A federal judge ruled in favor of William Cassidy regardless that he sent Jetsunma over 8,000 defaming, harassing, and threatening tweets in a short time period.  The US Attorney can still seek re-indictment on the case.

What has to happen before something is done?  Experts say that unfortunately something “bad” does happen before law enforcement can act upon the stalker’s behavior.  Does that mean Jetsunma lives in fear until her life is threatened at gunpoint before a law enforcement official feels he or she can do something about these men?

It’s obvious that Andrew Wilson and William Cassidy are the toxic twins, or “in bed together” as some might say.  But why?  What’s in it for Andrew Wilson? Fame, notoriety, a break from boredom, what? Unfortunately, stalkers don’t quit until either they find a new target, or they reach that breaking point, and something “bad” does happen.  De Becker explains in his books (you can find them on amazon.com) how most victims have to change their name, move away, start a different livelihood.  These are not really options for a recognized and enthroned Tulku, such as Jetsunma, who brings benefit to thousands in spite of the daily onslaught from Wilson, and the behind the scene antics from William Cassidy, who has not been quite as bold online since his yearlong detainment with US Marshals.  Now, he works behind the scenes and let’s Wilson do his “dirty work.”

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