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The Truth Hurts…

When faced with the truth and most especially when it’s made public by any means, it hurts like a knife, and that is what Andy Wilson is feeling; the sharp edge of the blade after yesterday’s posting on our blog.

He wants to paint a picture that he is the innocent one in the stalking of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, yet when one reads his tweet stream, it’s more about slandering Jetsunma than reaching Kensho.   His continuous pattern of hiding behind avatars, and his girlfriend, is a perfect display of his immaturity, afflictions and delusion.  Just like in the year of 2010, when asked by members of Jetsunma’s organization if he was William Cassidy, he never responded, rather he continued to portray himself as Cassidy.  He had ample opportunity to verify his identity, but he didn’t.  The same is true now, he hides behind his girlfriend Gina, and although there is no proof she remains with him, we assume that they are together.  And, he hides behind avatars, mocking Steven Seagal.  Why should Cassidy say anything derogatory against Jetsunma when he has someone like Wilson to do his slandering and harassment?  All Bill needs to do is feed Andy a little candy, and it’s off to the races.

It’s funny how Andy acts so shocked by the FBI raid when he was the one who joined forces in the threats against Jetsunma, and never identified himself.  One such threat actually stated that Jetsunma would die in 2011.   It takes a real coward to hide behind the masks and making threats.

Andrew Wilson is the stalker with his constant tweet stream day in and day out about Jetsunma.  Why can’t he just move on?  Why can’t he get off the soap box?  That’s just it, when you’re in bed with someone like Bill Cassidy, you’re stuck until you leave and that takes courage.   Both of these men want to control women, and the more powerful the woman is, the more they want to control her.  It speaks to their individual insecurities; that’s not Buddhism or Kensho.

When Cassidy was finally arrested and detained in February of 2011, we at PN received hundreds of comments relieved he was off the streets…and off the internet.  We also received many comments from people that know Cassidy, and afraid of him, fearing he would retaliate if they ever disclosed what they know of him.   We respect and protect their safety, and therefore did not and do not disclose their comments on the blog.

The threats never stop, in some shape, form or fashion, Andy keeps dealing it out.  What does Jetsunma do?  She displays the qualities of a Bodhisattva; teaching every day, many times multiple times a day about compassion, suffering and she is actively involved with relieving the suffering of others, all the while displaying courage in spite of the taunts and threats.

The truth hurts, Andrew.  Are you going to fight? Or are you going to cultivate Kensho?

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