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February 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tulku Ogyen’s blog, ogyentulku.blogspot.com, has recently been resurrected after lying dormant during the time that William Cassidy was held in detainment facing charges of Cyberstalking by US Marshals. 

It would appear that Tulku Ogyen is back in communication (or did he ever stop?) with convicted felon, William Cassidy ( https://protectingnyingma2.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/william-l-cassidy-a-conpendium/ ).  Investigators have evidence indicating that William Cassidy is the man behind Tulku Ogyen’s blog, so beware of what you read.  We are dismayed at why a recognized Tulku such as Tulku Ogyen would want to associate himself with a con man.  

Protecting Nyingma consistently sees activity from the various centers and locales that have connection to or supported by Tulku Ogyen, and one such reader, who wrote in to us over a year ago, disclosing her knowledge of Tulku Ogyen’s connection to Cassidy, out of fear of retaliation, asked us to remove the post disclosing her knowledge.  Out of concern for her safety, we have removed the blog post.

William Cassidy is attempting to make his way into a legitimate lineage for the purpose of portraying himself as someone of authority in Dharma.  Seeing this type of activity motivates investigators to continue this blog, for sangha, for Dharma students worldwide, in hopes that no other sangha or student will be duped by William Cassidy.  For the students of Tulku Ogyen, please beware of the dangers of this connection, and should you ever meet William Cassidy, know that he is not a man to be trusted.


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