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William Cassidy likes to quote the great masters on his blog…

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William Cassidy likes to quote the great masters on his blog, in an attempt to con readers of his blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar that he has some level of accomplishment; levels of achievement in Dharma that allow him to teach or give presentation that he is qualified to unveil the meaning behind Wisdom Beings and their teachings. 

People with egos as Cassidy believe that their ordinary neurotic tendencies are actually levels of spiritual accomplishment.   His background alone would offer the true tendencies of William Cassidy [https://protectingnyingma2.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/william-l-cassidy-a-conpendium/].  He lacks authentic qualities obtained through authentic practice.  His motivation is one of conning and having power over others, in particular women.  He chooses the reverse of compassion, Bodhicitta, and makes a conscious decision to manipulate and deceive others. 

We fear he has yet again captivated the mind of an innocent student, into caring for him under the guise of him being some type of Buddhist Master.   His deceptions are the motivation behind this blog, to educate the public to not fall for this conning demon of a man. 

Cassidy seeks to destroy the dharma and the reputations of noble dharma Teachers.  His more recent post quote is that from Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. 

“This original state is not of our making. Acknowledging this is the perfect view. I am not saying that this view is good while the views of the lower vehicles are bad; but there is a difference in the extent to which the view is mixed with concept. One could convince oneself that, ‘This is the meditation state! This is probably emptiness.’ That is superimposing emptiness upon one’s experience. In other words, it is not the natural state as it is. Similarly, to remind oneself ‘This is all a magical illusion,’ during the activities of daily life is still a concept.


“To cling to a particular concept is like a bird that flaps its wings and tries to fly but cannot, because it’s bound by a chain. The training in the true view is not a training in holding concepts, even the subtle types. It is a matter of recognizing what already is, by itself. Our nature of mind is naturally empty and cognizant; it is not of our making. There is no need to hold a concept about it. In other words, when you remember to recognize, you see immediately that there is no thing to see. That’s it. At other times one has forgotten, and it is lost.”


–Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche,

As It Is: Volume II

Born in Eastern Tibet in Kham, in 1920, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche was recognized by Khakyab Dorje, the 15th Karmapa Lama.  He was recognized as both the reincarnation of the Chowang Tulku and as Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, one of the twenty five principle students of Padmasambhava.  Rinpoche’s father was Tsangsar Chimey Dorje, a Vajrayana instructor who began giving him transmission for the Kangyur the Buddha, and the New Treasures of Chokgyur Lingpa.  As he grew older, he studied Dzogchen. 

Urgyen Rinpoche spent thirty three years at Nagi Gompa Hermitage where he spent two decades in retreat, and eventually established six monasteries, and became the father of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.  On February 13, 1996, Urgyen Rinpoche died.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s special quality was to begin with the view rather than end with it; to train in devotion, compassion, and renunciation, perfecting the accumulations, and removing obscurations, all within the framework of the view. This is something William Cassidy knows little about in truth.  The practitioner was encouraged to see all these aspects of practice as the very expressions of the view itself. That was Tulku Urgyen’s unique style, and it’s a disgrace to his legacy for William Cassidy to mock it in an effort for his conning “unique style” of manipulation and deceitfulness.   

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s reincarnation was discovered in March 2006; the four year old son of Chokling Rinpoche (known as the Chokling of Neten, not to be confused with Tulku Urgyen’s son who is the Chokling of Tsikey). He lives in the village of Bir in Himachal Pradesh, India. 

An understanding on Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s Yangsi can be found here [http://www.shedrub.org/teacherpage.php?tid=5]

If you are being swayed by William Cassidy, we urge you to do your homework, to not be manipulated by the deceit of this man, as many have experienced in the past.  Be courageous, and question any Teacher’s authenticity.   




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