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For YOU, the Sangha

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William L. Cassidy, aka Tulku Tenpa, has perpetrated scams in the Buddhist community for years. In the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, the recognition of Tulkus, or reincarnate Lamas, is practiced in order to insure the continued purity of the teachings handed down through the generations. A Tulku who has been authentically recognized is able to name the Lineage with which he or she is associated, as well as the Lamas who have made the recognition. Cassidy, inventing for himself the persona “Tulku Orgyan Tenpa” simply started a blog, which was rich with convincing content giving rise to the belief that perhaps he was “for real.” He began to correspond through email to members of one Vajrayana group and slowly began to play on their sympathies by indicating that he was mortally ill, living in a tent or in mine shafts in the desert in California and had nowhere to go and no one to care for him. Offering him shelter in Arizona, the group, thinking they were caring for a “Rinpoche” (high Lama in the tradition) began to support him financially, purchasing his food, and paying for moving his belongings from California to Arizona. This escalated into purchasing many items he requested and insisted that he needed. Becoming suspicious of some of his behavior and requests, this group wrote to the head of their Lineage, who replied that he had never heard of this “Tulku,” and since he knows all the heads of all the Lineages, would have heard of an American Tulku who had supposedly “declined being recognized.”

The group mentioned is Kunzang Palyul Choling, founded and directed by an enthroned and credentialed Tulku, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.  These simple acts of compassion for caring for another sentient being has led into years of stalking, threats, and intervention by the US Government with attempts to bring justice.  Jetsunma and KPC now find themselves in the midst of a never ending barrage of attacks of not only from William Cassidy, but now a man named Andrew Wilson, who makes tall claims of his suffering with an FBI raid, that was conducted under the issuance of a warrant yet fails to mention or convey the year or so of defamation towards Jetsunma and members of the KPC community.  When members asked him for identification, he refused, yet continued the onslaught, tag teaming with William Cassidy to continue the onslaught of defamation, slander, lies, and even death threats towards Jetsunma.

Further searches into Cassidy’s background is information you see on this blog. Even after finding out he was not a Tulku, and still thinking he was a dying man, Jetsunma and KPC offered him a place to live for his remaining short time. Within days of being discovered of his true identity, Cassidy fled the home where he was staying, enlisting the help of one of the group’s nuns, having turned her mind against her teacher and her sangha. Later it was discovered he had used the credit card of another nun without her permission and that he is not mortally ill. The costs of the scam was approximately $10,000 financially (this information was obtained through interviews with members of KPC).  It is clear the emotional cost is beyond measure.

In perpetrating KPC scam, Cassidy used a false identity of “Susan Nevis” on e-sangha, and “Susan Rockefeller” via e-mail, saying “she” was his biographer and sending members of KPC false information about interviews with Tibetan Lamas who are all now conveniently deceased.

The Tibetan Buddhist Sangha of America is another group we suspect is in fact not a sangha group. Under this organization’s name Cassidy went by the name Ven. William Cassidy or Jigme Rinpoche. This is the organization under which he registered ownership of assets and had a Federal Credit Union to which donations could be made. Blog investigators were unable to find any students of Cassidy/Jigme/Tenpa.

Guru Rinpoche says that in these degenerate times demonic forces (demons, negative spirits, and harmful entities) are intentionally manifesting, sending forth deceptive emanations of themselves in the form of spiritual teachers, appearing as great scholars and realized ones, honorable and disciplined on the outside yet actually harmful entities on the inside. They are intentionally trying to lead sentient beings into lower realms.

Guru Rinpoche also said that during these degenerate times there are many demons and spirits who will say they are deities when they are not. Specifically, there are nine types that will come into human realms to lead beings astray on the spiritual path in these times. These negative spirits will manifest deceptive displays, making it appear that they have reached the first, second and third bhumis when in fact they haven’t. They will display magical signs to cause you to believe they have. They will even appear as bodhisattvas when they are not. They will manifest different signs and miraculous displays, through body, speech, and mind, so inconceivable that they will take your mind away. Seeing these deceptive displays of power, beings with weak merit and karma will experience the arising of faith in their minds and will focus all their devotion on these negative beings.

-Great Perfection Buddha in the Palm of the Hand, Commentary by Gyaltul Rinpoche, Yeshe Melong Publications

The site Digital Tibetan Altar is maintained by Cassidy, and he still refers to himself as Tulku Tenpa Rinpoche. Although he scorns the value of credentials http://tibetanaltar.blogspot.com/2009/07/lasting-reflections.html he claims to have them himself http://tibetanaltar.blogspot.com/2008/01/chewing-on-cannibals.html. It is crucial for anyone visiting his blog to be aware that Cassidy (aka Tulku Tenpa Rinpoche) has a criminal history [https://protectingnyingma2.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/william-l-cassidy-a-conpendium/] and does not have any authentic claim to a pure lineage. Additionally, if you look through his copious entries, you find no reference to his lineage or any evidence that he was indeed recognized by any Tibetan Master beyond his own words. His credentials are his own fabrication. You will note that he draws from Lineages randomly, putting together his own “teachings” based on whatever teaching, practice or Lama he is interested in at the moment. This is counter to Vajrayana Buddhism.

To those unfamiliar with Vajrayana Buddhism, these issues are extremely significant. Sogyal Rinpoche outlines the importance of Lineage, especially in this time of Dharma emerging in the West, in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying as follows:

“The West has become a haven for spiritual charlatans. In the case of a scientist, you can verify who is genuine and who is not, because other scientists can check their background and test their findings. Yet in the West, without the guidelines and criteria of a thriving and full-fledged wisdom culture, the authenticity of so-called “masters” is almost impossible to establish. Anyone, it seems, can parade as a master and attract a following.

This was not the case in Tibet, where choosing a particular path or teacher to follow was far safer. People coming to Tibetan Buddhism for the first time often wonder why such great importance is placed on lineage, on the unbroken chain of transmission from master to master. Lineage serves as a crucial safeguard: It maintains the authenticity and purity of the teaching. People know who a master is from who his master is. It is not a question of preserving some fossilized, ritualistic knowledge, but of transmitting from heart to heart, from mind to mind, an essential and living wisdom and its skillful and powerful methods.”

Pg.128 The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, copyright 1993 by Rigpa Fellowship published by HarperCollins 1994.

It is clear from the above passage, and will be clear in any authentic Vajrayana Buddhist environment, that the Spiritual Master is essential to success on this difficult path. It is not enough to simply become well read in Buddhist scripture. Every sincere practitioner must find a qualified teacher. In the book Mother of Knowledge, translated by Tarthang Tulku, Yeshe Tsogyal is devastated by grief when her Spiritual Master, Guru Rinpoche is leaving the world of human beings, even though she herself has attained full realization and is the repository of all his teachings. She cries out:

“Kye Hud! Orgyan Rinpoche!
A time of thick darkness has come to Tibet:
A time when hermitages are empty;
a time when the Dharma throne is vacant;
a time when vase initiations are no more.
Now we can only guess as to the nature of things;
now we must look to books for teachings;
now we can only visualize the lama;
now we must use images as his substitute;
now we must rely on dreams and visions;
now a grievous time has come!”

Mother of Knowledge The Enlightenment of Ye-shes mTsho-rgyal by Namka’I snying-po. Translated by Tarthang Tulku. Copyright 1983 by Dharma Publishing pg.155.

If you have arrived at this blog because you are wondering who is “Tulku Tenpa,” then please beware!  The Digital Tibetan Altar is a site created by a convicted felon, and con-man. If you are interested in learning about Vajrayana Buddhism and learning from qualified masters, please visit the following sites (note each has a page devoted to its lineage masters):








There are many resources available for those interested in exploring Vajrayana Buddhism. The Buddhist teachings expound on the importance of a student being cautious and scrutinizing a would-be teacher in order to choose one with great care, because a student places his most precious possession in the hands of the teacher – his spiritual life. Please do NOT be taken in by the false tulku, William L. Cassidy who calls himself Tulku Tenpa Rinpoche.

For more information on the teacher-student relationship here are two books that can get you started:

The Words of My Perfect Teacher

Dangerous Friend

Mr. Cassidy has a history of perpetrating abuse:  in 2004 he was convicted on separate accounts of assault (domestic violence that constitutes battery) and arson. Therapists, counselors, health care workers, case managers are trained to recognize the facts here:  these are sociopathic acts characteristic of a person with an antisocial personality.  The absence of empathy and a narcissistic need for adulation are hallmark for a person with disorder.  The sociopathic person often resorts to violence or other antisocial acts when these “needs” are not met.

That he is perpetrating this on the Internet amounts to cyber stalking (i.e. posting information or spreading rumors about the victim on the internet, in a public place, or by word of mouth (Source:  Stalking Victimization in the United StatesBureau of Justice statistics (DOJ), January 2009, Revised 8/6/09). It can be difficult enough to set up protection for a person who is being stalked by someone in person.  With cyber stalking it is even more difficult because, among other reasons, it is assumed that the people involved are not in proximity to each other.

Information that Cassidy has posted on his blog, and prior to his detainment by US Marshals in 2011, on Twitter have an obsessive and preservative quality of the content.  He is disclosing his thoughts and revealing his intent to defame and/or harm Jetsunma, and members of KPC.  He states rumors and opinion as facts and laces the posts with violent and tragic imagery of Tibetan monks or Tulkus.

There has been tremendous hostility in what he writes.  Given his history of domestic violence, abuse and arson, that he appears to be obsessed with Jetsunma is deeply troubling.  He is a perpetrator of arson and domestic violence and abuse.  These are not acts of passion, they are premeditated to harm or kill.  Perhaps Judge Titus would be interested in reviewing the information that we have found. 

The cycle of domestic violence is well known:  the perpetrator perpetrates abuse, afterwards his anger dissipates, next he becomes apologetic (he may even give gifts, makes promises, etc.), and while things on the surface may appear to be back to normal, in fact, tension is building for the perpetrator and he eventually perpetrates again.  This cycle doesn’t stop because in the end he blames the victim for the abuse he meted out.  No empathy.  No insight.  Dangerous.  Reading Mr. Cassidy’s blog is like reading a case example in a textbook of the buildup of tension.  The question begs why he does these things.  Our intention is to let the public know, in particular Buddhists communities so they are not preyed upon. It’s obvious at this point there is limited protection by the US Government.

If Mr. Cassidy’s stalking behavior, threats, and attempted intimidating abusive behaviors were perpetrated in person, it would be a no-brainer for those of us with a duty to warn – therapists, doctors, nurses, etc. – to notify the authorities.  As it stands, there is no way to predict when the anger will take hold and he will perpetrate again.  This is why he would be reported, so the victim could be protected.

Mr. Cassidy cannot be adequately diagnosed on this blog.  All we have are the raw facts, which have been disclosed on this blog.  The offenses that he committed are ones that are premeditated to physically harm others and their property, and these are not the typical recourse of a merely angry or jealous person.

Since his release from detainment, he wasted no time in blogging, and yes of course Jetsunma, the woman who remained nameless is the target.  Unfortunately, he is also now targeting another group: [http://www.mahasiddha.org/] [http://www.mahasiddha.org/tshogdag/index.html], so we want to again, in detail disclose who this man really is, and please use caution before donating, contributing, or being misled by this conman.  We maintain this blog for YOU, the sangha.  Make no mistake, getting involved with him is a mistake, and could costs you financially in significant terms, and worse your health and safety.

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