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Like the Frog that Lived in the Well

January 18, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Note from a Reader:

Rarely do I have the chance to see living examples of passages I’ve read in books so vividly as the recent rantings by this Cassidy man. During my sputtering attempts at understanding the Master-disciple relationship in Vajrayana, I’ve spent some time reading the foundational text “The Words of my Perfect Teacher” by Patrul Rinpoche. This current display of perverted activity by the so-called “tenpa” is right off the pages of that revered manuscript. Patrul Rinpoche describes the personality types to avoid when seeking a spiritual friend. We’re clearly taught to avoid “mad guides”; they “…lead anyone who follows them down wrong paths”. Also mentioned are “blind guides”; “…and with such friends as these/ As your blind guides, you’ll wander deeper into darkness.

The only benefit I see in Cassidy’s wierdness is his capacity to demonstrate what not to do. In his rantings I see pride, jealously, anger, and self pity- but completely lacking are any of the pure qualities Patrul Rinpoche advises us to seek out. Respect for the unbroken lineage of accomplished masters is essential, creating your own distorted religion, manipulating others, and using the great devotional stories as an excuse for committing felony crimes is just stupid.

This guy is like the frog who lived in a well, completely trapped in darkness.

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