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Up 2 #OldTricks

William Cassidy wasted no time in getting back online for the single pointed focus of attacking Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, Spiritual Director and Teacher at Kunzang Palyul Choling (www.tara.org).  As it turns out, two of our investigators are currently at KPC visiting, making offerings, and helping to participate in many virtuous activities in preparation for Losar, the Tibetan New Year that is right around the corner.  In addition, we are told that Palyul Khenpo, Tenzin Norgay is due to arrive next weekend to deliver teaching and empowerment at Jetsunma’s invitation.  Our investigators are both honored and eager to help in the festivities and meritorious activities currently under way in Poolesville, Maryland.   Further, they have learned a great deal as to what it has been like since 2007, when William Cassidy conned his way into the Buddhist organization. 
For those who are just now getting up to speed, William Cassidy unfortunately was released from detainment on December 22nd, 2011 after a judge ruled in favor of motions filed by his attorneys (public defenders).  The government has until January 15th to file papers for an appeal on the ruling. 
In an interview with Jetsunma’s attorneys, Shanlon Wu reports that Jetsunma is terrified for her safety and has actually fled the area.  William Cassidy is a convicted felon for arson and aggravated assault (original charge was rape, and was pled down to a lesser charge of aggravated assault).  We can understand Jetsunma’s decision although sadden to learn that the victim in the case (USA v William Cassidy) is the one on the run, hiding for safety, while the criminal is set free, to abuse and threaten an innocent person. 
It is believed that Cassidy was involved with prostitution rings involving Vietnamese refugees from the 1980s up through 2006.  This information has not been confirmed, and is still in the investigative stages, but given Cassidy’s history, and violent outbursts we wanted to inform the public of what we are hearing.  Again, to be transparent, this information has not been confirmed.  He did not act alone however, and others are under investigation now for these actions.  
In Cassidy’s recent post, he blames Jetsunma for the arrest and conviction of John Buhmeyer on child molestation charges, a once monk at KPC.  Our investigators were able to reach Board members for KPC regarding the charges.  Their official statement can be found here: http://www.tara.org/about/press/statement-on-sexual-abuse/.  Investigators have indicated  that members of KPC remain heartbroken by the incident, and any harm that may have been caused, especially to the victim and his family.  KPC supports all legal action and the conviction of the perpetrator. 
Bill, if you’re watching, and we know you are, please know that you can never run far enough, fast enough, over mountains, or across the ocean from your karma.

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