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…on a horse with no name

As a student of Buddhism, I have been watching and contributing from time to time to the blog entitled “Protecting  Nyingma,” which has chronicled the stranger- than-fiction travails of William L. Cassidy and his relentless assault on Buddhist teacher and throne-holder, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo. I notice that once again, he’s back at it, wearing his Tenpa Rinpoche costume, and spouting felonious wisdom. Well, that would be “wisdom” with a very tiny “w.” Or better put, simply spouting.

How can a felon who has done time in prison three times now (that we know of), pretend to be able to differentiate or remotely understand Emptiness, Wisdom, Compassion as practiced and experienced in Vajrayana Buddhism? Never mind that his prison time was for assault, arson, breaking probation, and more. What kind of realization and compassion is in that?

Yet there he is, dissecting and mocking someone – I wonder who it could possibly be – for “emotional distress.”  I would conjecture that he is actually trying to vent his own “emotional distress” for being caught doing hideous, criminal activity on Twitter.  I can’t imagine anyone standing on a roof howling about compassion, as he asserts in his blog. Unless it would be a sociopath living in the desert and hiding, not under beds, but in abandoned mines, and living off decent but naive people.

No amount of prison time can turn William Cassidy into a tulku, a teacher, a Rinpoche, or an honest human being. Sad, really. All that time to think and to change, and he comes out playing his same wornout con game of pretending to have accomplished something of Buddhism, trying to pass as a realized Teacher. Once again, dear readers, do not be fooled by cunning words, plagiarism, and fancy dancing. William Cassidy rides again, faded, foolish, mean-spirited, on that horse with no name.

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