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Hello Readers–an update from our investigators

Blog investigators have been busy with research and apologize to our large readership base for a delay in reporting the latest news in the case of USA v. William Lawerence Cassidy (8:11-cr-00091).   

It’s our understanding that Mr. Cassidy filed for several motions in July of this year, essentially claiming his First and Fourth Amendments had been violated, and a motion to dismiss the case.  The Government filed arguments in response to these motions in September it would seem, and a hearing took place on October 4th addressing the motions and arguments specifically.  We are told that EFF members were seen leaving the court house.  Additionally, our investigators discovered an Amicus Brief has been filed by the National Center for Victims of Crime and Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center with the purpose of informing the court of the acute public interest considerations implicated by Mr. Cassidy’s motions.  We are told that the Court is in possession of all documents pertaining to the motions, arguments, EFF Brief and the recent Amicus brief by the National Center for Victims of Crime.  

A ruling is expected by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, Mr. Cassidy remains in custody at the Supermax in Baltimore, MD.  

For those who have been following the case, we welcome your thoughts on the issues at hand.   

Lastly, investigators report that His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, Throneholder of Palyul (http://www.palyul.org/eng_biotulku_karmakuchen.htm), and His Eminence Mugsang Tulku (http://www.palyul.org/eng_biotulku_mugsang.htm) have visited Jetsunma (http://www.tara.org/jetsunma-ahkon-lhamo/biography/) and KPC recently, with firm support.  Further, Jetsunma and KPC are expecting a visit from Jetsunma’s good friend His Holiness Ngwang Tenzin (http://sacredesignpdx.com/rinpoche_bio.htm) this month.  Jetsunma, having also been recognized as the incarnation of Mandarava, the Princess Consort of Guru Rinpoche, many Lineages pay homage and praise for her.  While Jetsunma is exclusively Palyul, she has many friends outside of the Palyul Lineage, and His Holiness Ngwang Tenzin is one such friend possessing much devotion to her.   

It would seem that Jetsunma and KPC are moving forward with their mission in being a legitimate and supported Vajrayana Buddhist Center.

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