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What is criminal behavior? How does it manifest? If we could solve the problem, would we?  These are tough questions, and hard to answer.  Over the years this country has decided vis`-a-vis´ on what law is, and what isn’t; what defines criminal activity that deserves punishment, and what isn’t.  We support our “fore fathers” in their efforts of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights (our Amendments), and LAW.  Are we living their intention today?

Where do we draw the line on what is okay to say, and what isn’t.  Does someone deserve the right to free speech at the cost of threatening one’s life?  Does it make it okay to say anything you want, at the expense of causing one to live in constant fear?  Sure, free speech is important, and we believe that most Americans support the First Amendment.  The case U.S. v. William Cassidy is not really about free speech.  It’s about a man who cyber-stalked a woman for over three years saying defaming, harassing and threatening comments over blogs and twitter accounts to no end; up to hundreds of tweets a day, and long rambling blog posts on several different blogs, under disguise. This, is criminal.   William Cassidy has a long history of conning people, women in particular, and then abusing them.  In this recent letter that made its way from his cell to cyber world, he speaks of his attendant who has left him with nothing…do we really need to tell you who that is?  Ask the question, why is he not welcome back to his “ranch?”

Some on twitter would have you believe that our amendments are in the balance, redirecting what really happened.   These folks want to pick a fight over a cause, completely dismissing what really happened, and lead you to believe that the victim in the case is actually the wrong doer.  This is classic criminal behavior.  Dragging the EFF into this federal matter, and the slander that has taken place across Twitter and Google+ are people wanting to lead you away from what really happened.  Andrew Wilson and his traumatic experience with the FBI is all about him.  Why DID the FBI bust down his door?  Hmmm.  Oh, I guess Grand Jurors are just handing out indictments like Halloween candy.  We don’t think so.

This letter circulating (in the small circle that it is) is nothing other than another trick of William Cassidy, trying to con his way out of a bed he made. So, what really happened? Let’s look at the facts:

History: William Cassidy, convicted felon of aggravated assault for domestic violence; burning down his ex-wife’s business.


He has moved from town to town, always the same story; he needs money, dying man (apparently he has stage IV lung cancer for about five years with no chemotherapy—what?), pulling the strings of women across the land; preying upon the innocent and vulnerable.  We call these people scavengers, or worse.  Scavengers at least help us clean the Earth.  By the way, notice the manipulation on words in the letter about the surgeries as if it were heart related.  Don’t be fooled, could have been something as simple as…kidney stones, maybe.

After his arrest and detainment, we learn that his “attendant” no longer wishes for him to return, and has had no contact with him, nor does she want any. Good decision, “attendant.”  What does that say about Cassidy?  A brain that uses logic can figure this one out.

William Cassidy is obviously desperate, reaching out to likeminded maniacs who choose pride and ego over compassion and kindness. They want you to believe that your rights are being threatened.  No one is threatening the amendments or rights.  Rather, a recognized and enthroned Tulku is trying to live her life without being defamed, harassed and threatened.  She is attempting to maintain the establishment of Dharma in the United States.  She does come with controversy; so did Martin Luther King,  Trungpa Rinpoche, and Eleanor Roosevelt (to name a few).    You don’t have to see it her way.  If you choose not to, then fine.  Practice what you practice, but it’s not necessary to then spend hours on the internet, tweet after tweet in an obsessive manic circle of lies.  How is that the American way?  Get a job, or a hobby that brings some benefit.

If your purpose is to formulate defaming tweets and Google+ diatribe with your morning coffee, sounds like you’re the miserable one.

Is this normal behavior?

Excessive pride, along with low self-esteem is a false front designed to protect an undervalued self. Displaying neurotic pride underlies an appearance of self-contempt and low self-esteem.  Further, the nature of self-hate points toward the intertwined relationship between neurotic pride and self-contempt.

Tending to talk excessively, and boast about oneself, believing oneself to be better and more important than others is what we define as egotistical.  Again, underneath is the undervalued self, neurotic pride that manifest in a twisted turn of attacks on another person, in order to feel valued.

This can take many shapes, and unfortunately turn into actions that this country has deemed inappropriate, illegal, insane, or all of the above.  This whole mess on the Internet between Jetsunma and Cassidy is a lot like the John Grishams book, A Time To Kill, where the trial is about a black man who kills two white men.  It takes place in Mississippi where “coloreds” still live on the other side oftown.  The prosecutor, and his lovers would have you believe that the black man had broken every article in the constitution, but what was really happening is that those two white men brutally raped, beaten, and pissed on a ten year girl and then threw her off a bridge to drop 30 feet, leaving her to die.  But,she lived and was brave enough to tell the world what had happened to her.  This ten year old girl was the black man’s daughter.  How hard would you fight for something or someone you love?  In the wake of burning down homes, threatening town members and reinstituting the KKK, the black man was freed, and justice prevailed.

Cassidy and his lovers would have you believe that we are dealing with an issue of free speech and a violation of unreasonable search andseizure.  The FBI had probable cause to knock down two doors in February of this year; one in California, and one in Oregon.  One arrest was made.  Andy Wilson preaches that his Miranda rights were violated (he wasn’t arrested therefore Miranda is not warranted).  Cassidy and his lovers are saying Jetsunma is responsible for Cassidy’s arrest, and Wilson’s PTSD.  Why not blame the people that did it (thatwould be the Federal Bureau of investigation). Do you really think that Jetsunma has that kind of control over the U.S. Government? Really?

Jetsunma is the victim in a federal criminal case that is about Cassidy violating a federal statue of stalking.  Period. Make it out to be something else if it beats your drum, but let’s keep the facts straight.

Lastly, we ask you…the reader to take a moment.  Sit back in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and imagine that your whole life’s work is turned upside down, twisted into lies, distorted and projected into manically driven rants from people that don’t even know you.  They threaten you to the point where you don’t feel safe to leave your home.  All you can do is try to move forward, go on with your life, but you can’t because every time you turn a corner, someone from far off, who never met you, is calling you names, mocking your livelihood, and spreading lies about you.   Imagine yourself being a woman, and being called fat, stupid, a cunt (that’s right, the “C” word), bitch, whore, every day for three years, in public.  Is that okay to you?  Does that sound okay to you?  Does that violate some kind of right?  As if whore, bitch, and cunt aren’t enough, they attack your family, friends, and way of life.  How would you feel if they called your son and daughter names, with no claims, only the motivation to torment you, publically, and hide behind the First Amendment.  Is this what our fore fathers intended?  For you, to sit back and call someone on the internet a cunt, every day for three years just because you don’t like her?

On a final note, some of our readers have left comments indicating that this is Jetsunma’s blog. Let’s get this straight.  This is not Jetsunma’s blog.  We are a group of writers that happen to be dharma students in the Nyingma tradition, and live in different parts of the country.  We are struck by what has happened to a Buddhist organization and community, which has been in turbulent waters for a long time, and believe at the root of the issue it is because she is female, and yes, comes with controversy. If you don’t like Jetsunma’s outspoken way, then go about your life.  We have not witnessed her forcing anyone to go her way.  Why should people be allowed to say what they want, even if it’s disgusting, untrue, and threatening, and yet she can’t talk about compassion, loving kindness, and engage folks to save dogs, birds, and people?

Well, my friends, that’s leaving her hanging her out to dry…and that’s just criminal.

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