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An update from our writers~

And so it goes…

It seems the trial of USA v. William Cassidy is gaining momentum.  The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a non-profit organization founded in 1990, mainly consisting of lawyers, policy analyst, activist and technologists has posted a press release concerning the case, advocating for William Cassidy, stating that it “…filed a friend-of-the-court brief today urging a federal court to block the government’s use of the federal anti-stalking law to prosecute a man for posting criticism of a public figure to Twitter.”  You can see the release in its entirety at http://www.eff.org/press/releases

Federal Public Defender Service attorneys, like the ones that William Cassidy has representing him in this case are not First Amendment specialists or actually terribly tech-savvy kinds of people.  They are lawyers, and they probably need a little help to make their arguments.  EFF staffs attorneys that are First Amendment attorneys.  These attorneys are well-versed in the First Amendment but their focus is on keeping the Internet as free from government intervention as possible – hence their position.  It would appear that the US government is dealing with some complicated issues; therefore we at Protecting Nyingma believe that the prosecution was probably expecting such a press release as this one from the EFF. 

EFF gets involved with cutting-edge issues on a regular basis, and is simply here for one purpose, which is to advance the Federal Public Defenders’ (FPDS) general First Amendment position that free speech on Twitter should not be a criminal offense.  We speculate that the EFF will most likely not get into the evidence and specific facts – that’s for the FPDS.  The EFF always appears on the opposite of the issues; this is what they do. 

 If you would like to read more about the history and background of William Cassidy, you can read more here:  https://protectingnyingma2.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/william-l-cassidy-a-conpendium/

We have worked hard at educating all communities about William Cassidy, most especially Buddhists communities.  Please grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit in a comfortable chair, and read our blog.  It offers extensive knowledge regarding Mr. Cassidy, his past record, and his involvement with malicious intent to harm a Tulku and her organization.    We have also written wonderful articles specific to Dharma and we hope you will enjoy those as well.  It has truly become a resourceful library of information. 

 The US Government has arrested and detained Mr. Cassidy on interstate cyberstalking charges.  We like to believe that the US Government would have just cause in doing so; otherwise they would not use such valuable resources.  It would seem that they take very seriously the protection of US Citizens, and the right to feel safe in one’s home in particular. 

 Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Incorporated; offering social networking and micro blogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets.  Tweets are text based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the users profile page.  Tweets are publicly visible by default; however senders can restrict message delivery to their friends list.  Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets.  This is known as “following” and subscribers are known as followers.  All users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website.

It’s our understanding that William Cassidy “tweeted” over 8,000 tweets, most of those toward one person, and her Buddhist organization.  We suppose if the tweets were beneficial, Dharma related, and composed of compassion and kindness, that would be wonderful.  However, they were quite the contrary.  

Based on the statue that Mr. Cassidy is being held on, it would appear the charges involve defamation, harassment and threats made toward one individual, who is a recognized Tulku in the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism.    We can’t imagine the US Government would bring such a case to the US Federal Court system without just cause.  The EFF can certainly make their brief, and they have.  We here at Protecting Nyingma have vowed to give our readers ALL the facts. 

Now, if we could all put some energy (no pun intended) and prayers into the Japan situation, there may be some benefit found.

Enjoy the blog. 


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