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Protecting Insanity?

We at Protecting Nyingma have been captivated by what is happening on Twitter.  If you’re following the story of USA v. William Cassidy, then you’ve probably seen the twitter activity about the recent arrest and detainment of Mr. Cassidy.   We were glad to hear of the FBI arrest and the Department of Justice interest in prosecuting him for cyber stalking. 

William Cassidy had a few followers on twitter prior to his arrest and absence online, and they remain quite active on twitter with their rants and disgruntlement of the recognized and enthroned Tulku, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, who is also on twitter, giving teachings almost daily. 

Why do people hate? Is the slandering on twitter against Jetsunma because she is a woman? It would seem so.  Maybe it’s because Jetsunma comes from a Pure Lineage, teachings that have been passed down without corruption since the Buddha, and low and behold, the teachings come to the West and a woman incarnates to give these teachings…in the United States.  That’s got to rub some good ole boys, we suspect.   If you visit the website maintained by Jetsunma’s current students you will see that she has brought many things into the world, which are maintained by a large community of students for the benefit of many.

Some examples include:

  • a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil that has gone on continuously for over 2o years.  You will see they will offer prayers for anyone requesting them; it is not restricted to community members.
  • She has started two animal rescue programs which are maintained to this day, dedicated to saving lives.
  • She has started a temple (Kunzang Palyul Choling) and peace park in Maryland, where visitors are welcome to find peace and refuge regardless of their religious affiliation.
  • She has built over 25 Stupas which are openly available to visitors, offering thousands of visitors every year the opportunity to generate tremendous merit just from seeing them.
  • Her temple maintains one of the largest communities of ordained sangha in the West.
  • Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo was recognized and enthroned in an authentic Lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism.
  • Kunzang Palyul Choling has received a flow of many Lineage Masters throughout the years, and has served as a place of refuge for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

If you want facts about people, sometimes you just have to find out for yourself, so that is what we did. 

Here is something to think about.  Anyone who has taken Psychology 101 knows that when people are hit with truth in their face, sometimes that can hurt.  It’s good to experience albeit painful.  What is most important however is how we react to that truth.  For example, some people avoid, or create denial, or project anger, jealousy, etc.  All the above are poisonous and do not serve.  The person may believe they are better; feel better but in truth all they have done is put down another in an effort to make them feel better about themselves.  We submit that the current twitter fiasco and slandering is such demise of human spirit.  There are folks on twitter that disagree with Jetsunma.  What is wrong with that?  Nothing.  Disagreement is a part of human interaction; happens all the time.  The issue is not disagreement, but their reactions.  Instead of just disagreeing and going on with their lives, they have to attempt to destroy hers in order to feel good about themselves…is that because Jetsunma puts truth in their faces?   Jetsunma delivers pure dharma, they deliver insult and toxicity.    Jetsunma teaches compassion, the haters teach hate. 

We at Protecting Nyingma can’t imagine the unfortunate consequences of such actions by these folks who spend their days and sometimes nights filling up tweet streams of hate, slander, venomous language at Jetsunma and others who support Dharma.  The haters make claims to being Buddhists, and have even acknowledged who their teachers are online.  We wonder if their teachers know what these students are doing.  (putting head in hands contemplating their karma)  Tell us, how does attacking a female Tulku who has been “credentialed” to give teachings, has been PROLIFIC with compassionate work and activities, support Dharma practice?  Hmm, I guess we are just not seeing that.

This looks like good ole jealousy, male chauvinism, prideful and puffed up egos doing everything possible to defend toxic waste in human form.   Unfortunately, that is not the worst of it.  All the while this is happening, Dharma is being threatened, and we imagine this is not only upsetting to Jetsunma, but most likely any qualified teacher is and would be horrified to see such behavior from people who claim to be Buddhists, and have Teachers.  How unfortunate for Dharma to be mocked and abused.  We wonder what would happen if people started talking about Jesus Christ in slanderous ways, or to call God a demon.  It’s not okay for people to do that, and it shouldn’t be okay for people to do it to the teachings of the Buddha either. 

These haters will send out quotes from qualified teachers, and then in the next breath slander and defame a living Buddha because she is a woman, and everything they aren’t.  We saw on the tweet streams where she actually invited them to conversation, to discuss Dharma, to open up to healthy dialogue instead of misguided and dysfunctional behavior and they mocked the invitation.   Here in the United States we have certain freedoms~ Eh Ma Ho.  However, do we really want to be a people of demoralizing others, especially those who have been recognized in a certain religion as someone of authority in that particular religion, in order to feel good about ourselves?  What does that say about Americans?  We like to think that the average American would be appalled at what is happening. 

This is a country where Protestants can be Protestant, Jews can practice Judaism, Catholics can be Catholic, and yes, we embrace Islam in this country as well.  Buddhism is a growing religion in this country, and we are blessed to have had many great and wonderful living Buddhas be here in these United States to give the teachings of the Buddha for over 50 years.  It’s not really about religion however, it’s more basic than that, and goes back further than issues of religion, and is more about issues of sex.  Would we see this behavior from these groups of men should Jetsunma be a man?  This was a train of thought, however we also noticed a couple of women involved with this slanderous material.  How sad.  Women in this country have fought hard for equal rights and now vote, serve their country, and run their own businesses.  We have come a long way baby.  We suspect the average American woman would be aghast to see such women on women attacks after everything we have been through.   What are they thinking?  We can guess.  There are many theories that suggest how some women identify with their abusers, and can’t seem to break the mold of victim-hood, so in turn they attack women who do break the mold and become successful.  Assertiveness, intelligence, and courageous women become threats to them and that is really what we are talking about here~ threats to the human ego.

Underneath the sexism and perception of being a victim, are men and women of low moral character, with no tolerance outside of their own egos, scrambling desperately to feel good about themselves, using vicious attacks against others in order to defend something that will eventually die, be forgotten, until stepped on in the next life when karma ripens, because surely it will.

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