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United States v. William Cassidy, 8:11-cr-00091

 Protecting Nyingma has educated the world on two main topics, intertwined, yet seemingly separate.  We started out telling the world (we receive comments from all over the world, and our statistics tell us we are reaching far and wide) about a con man who used nothing less than psychological warfare against a Buddhist organization~ unbelievable, yet true.  It has been our aspiration that it would never happen to another Buddhist community; we could not bear the thought of not using this example of what happened to one Buddhist community and not helping the entire Buddhist family, regardless of Lineage, as an educational and benefiting point.   As we listened to the feedback, we soon discovered that while many people were awestruck by what had happened, and even more shocked this man continues to live as a “free man,” they wanted to have a better understanding of how something like this happens, and what they can do to protect their respective communities.
We took on the responsibility of being a resourceful and informational blog. 
We uncovered earlier this year that William Cassidy’s blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, had not seen any activity since February 15th of this year.  “Free man” is not how we would describe William Cassidy at this moment.  In fact, we have recently learned that William L. Cassidy has been arrested by the FBI, and apparently after an extensive investigation he was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with the federal crime of cyberstalking!

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