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An Interesting Coincidence

We here at Protecting Nyingma have uncovered an interesting coincidence we wanted to share with our readers.  Bill Cassidy’s blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, has not seen any activity since February 15th  of this year.  Coincidentally or not, we have also discovered that Tulku Ogyen’s blog, ogyentulku.blogspot.com, has seen no new posts since January 18th.    Could there possibly be a connection?  Is it possible that Tulku Ogyen’s blog was hijacked by Cassidy?  Only time will tell, but it is an interesting fact.  To learn more about a possible relationship between the two, see our post, A Concerned Student Speaks Up, dated February 26, 2010.
It is hard to imagine why a real tulku such as Tulku Ogyen would want anything to do with a violent felon such as William Cassidy who lies about being a tulku while launching virulent attacks on other authentic tulkus online. Certainly it is hard to see how it could be for the benefit of sentient beings, which is supposed to be the one and only purpose for which tulkus appear in the world.  Again, one can only speculate. .  If you have possible theories, please write to us and we can post your thoughts here on Protecting Nyingma.

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