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Owl and Raven Feathers Separate

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

For some time now, one of Bill Cassidy’s attack sock puppets on Twitter has been threatening their favorite target, Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, Spiritual Director of Kunzang Palyul Chöling, with magical attacks.  What is specifically referred to is the statement “owl and raven feathers separate”.   This appeared to refer to some sort of tantric magical invocation to cause harm to the “enemy”.  Recently this has been confirmed.

“Owl and raven feathers separate” refers to a specific tantric magical invocation to “separate” (i.e., remove) the defenses of the enemy so that the enemy is then left defenseless against attack.  This probably stems from the ancient belief in many aboriginal cultures that owls and ravens represent the two poles of “good” and “evil”, based on white owl feathers and black raven feathers seen as symbols of polar opposites.  Owl and raven feathers are also symbols of various protector deities in Vajrayana Buddhism.  By performing a separation mudra while holding an owl feather and a raven feather, the defenses protecting the enemy could be separated.

While the idea of magical attack is widely discounted in these so-called modern times, there are many stories attesting to the power of tantric magic practitioners in Tibet.  In the hands of a true master, such attacks, usually in the form of Vajrakilaya, the “Vajra nail”, could be devastating and sometimes fatal.  Of course, the operative phrase here is “true master”, which Bill Cassidy patently is not.  Let us pray that his attacks remain impotent.

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