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Bill Cassidy (aka Tulku Tenpa, et al) has treated us to another look inside his twisted mind on his pretend
Buddhist blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar. Scary! It is one more example of long, rambling, semi-
coherent pseudo-pretentiousness meant to impress the reader (if there are actually any left) with the
awesomeness of his insight and wisdom. Too bad it doesn’t make any sense. In fact, at certain points it
becomes downright creepy, such as the reference to OJ Simpson and the part about “sitting with you in
the dark.” Um, no thanks, Bill. We don’t find that comforting at all!

Hopefully no one is fooled anymore by this phony bombast. It’s all just a show to impress the rubes so
that he can steal their wallets with his off hand while he dazzles them with his sleight of hand with the
other. Don’t let yourself be taken in. Bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing (well, except for those times when
he slips up and the sheep suit falls off).

In order to avoid future embarassments like the present example we would recommend that he not
write anything on the full moon.

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