One of the characteristics, or more correctly chief symptoms, of an antisocial personality disorder, is a complete inability to recognize any flaw within himself, any need to change.  In his world he is supreme, smarter than everyone else, and completely without morals of any kind.  He feels he can do or say anything he wants because of his innate superiority to everyone else, and he becomes livid when others do not recognize this alleged superiority. This is why Bill Cassidy goes into his frequent rants on Twitter, spewing vile lies and slander right and left with little regard for truth or even sanity.

But beneath all the bravado, the sociopath is at heart a true coward as down deep he realizes that he is worthless and empty.  At the end of his rant he withdraws and locks the doors to his numerous Twitter accounts so no one can attack him.  All the shouting and carrying on he does is to draw attention away from the emptiness he feels, a pitiful attempt to draw the attention of the world away from his true self, which he believes is so horrible that even he cannot face it.  He knows at some level that he does not have feelings like a normal person, that he is completely unable to feel anything for another person except blazing rage because they have what he will never have.  This is why Cassidy projects his rage onto someone like Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo.  Her status as a tulku becomes a symbol of everything he lacks, so he lusts after it, and if he can’t have it, then he wants no one else to have it either.

The futility of such rage is obvious.  It is bound for failure no matter what he does.  That he cannot see this simple fact is perhaps the saddest thing about him.  He has created a hell realm for himself that he cannot escape because he is not even conscious of its existence.  He is incapable of admitting to himself the reality of his situation, and instead he projects all his frustrations out into the world, choosing Jetsunma as his target, but in reality hating and despising everything and everybody.  Such a being is worthy of our compassion, but he also requires the utmost caution as he also has the potential to be extremely dangerous, as he has proven time and time again in the past and for which he did prison time.  We can only urge the utmost caution and repeat our advice to avoid any dealings with this man.

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