Good Boy

We find it very interesting how quiet and well-behaved William Cassidy becomes whenever someone he is trying to court is in town.  For example, Ogyen Tulku, Cassidy’s latest flame, is in Springfield, Massachusetts, to give a talk.  Coincidentally, Cassidy’s incessant malicious tweeting to defame Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo and her sangha from various bogus Twitter accounts came to a sudden halt on Saturday, July 10th.  Ogyen Tulku’s talk is July 15th.  Like his and her monogrammed hand towels, there were matching blog posts today on Cassidy’s Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar and Tulku Ogyen’s Blog announcing Tulku Ogyen’s teaching event on the 15th.  Not surprising since Cassidy moderates both of these blogs as confirmed by Tulku Ogyen himself.

This is Cassidy’s usual pattern of behavior.  He puts his best face forward, at least publicly, whenever someone he is interested in cultivating is near.  In other words, when no one (supposedly) is looking, he spews the vilest hate imaginable at those he considers his enemies, including most of the Palyul lineage lamas, such as His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche and Mugsang Tulku Rinpoche.  Then when someone he wants to impress is paying attention, he is on his best behavior.

Such a pattern of behavior is not the behavior of a serious Dharma student, much less a “tulku,” as he claims to be.  But it is the typical behavior of a con man.  Be forewarned.  For more information on Cassidy’s criminal record, click here.

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