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Covering His Tracks, LLC

A few months ago William Cassidy, self-proclaimed Tenpa Rinpoche, wrote on his blog about the prefab stupas he bought, and he was very mysterious about the source of them.  Why?  Turns out Cassidy had them shipped by Harvest Asia Pacific Co. from South Korea according to this website http://panjiva.com/Old-Rabbit-Mine/4233656.  Oddly, The Harvest Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. has had only two customers (one of which is the Old Rabbit Mine, Cassidy’s company) and has had only three shipments in three years, one of which was the marble prefabricated Stupas.   How does a company stay in business with only three customers in three years? Something smells fishy.

As previously posted here, until recently Cassidy was advertising the Bodhidharma Meditation Center located in Lucerne Valley. If you were setting up a legitimate dharma center and building a stupa park, wouldn’t you ship stupas under the name of the center rather than a company?  And if not, why not?  Again, there is something strange going on here.  Incidentally, after recent posts on the Bodhidharma Meditation Center and the Old Rabbit Mine’s odd collection of embarrassing merchandise, Cassidy has dismantled both of these outlets.

However he does still have the Tibetan Buddhist Sangha of America registered with the Lucerne Valley address.

So why didn’t he ship his stupas c/o Tibetan Buddhist Sangha of America?  He’s been associated with this organization for some time now.  It is the organization he used when he charaded as Jigme Rinpoche while living in Las Vegas, according to www.buddhanet.info

A Google search of Tibetan Buddhist Sangha of America brings up this odd webpage.

No information about what they do, yet they are registered as a charity.  There is only an email address.   How mysterious.

What is Cassidy doing?  What does one man in the desert need with all these nebulous companies and charitable organizations that apparently offer no products or services?  Not sure, but he did tout himself as an expert of Chinese money laundering according to this article he did in 1990: http://www.michelpicard.ca/document/013.pdf

He has taken the time and trouble to set all these up for some purpose.  Perhaps the authorities are looking into it?

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