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Tilting at Windmills

While the nation is focused on the slow moving natural disaster, the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, with tremendous loss of wild life and livelihoods, William Cassidy’s attention is at home, apparently aggrieved by the onslaught of alternative energy – windmills to be precise.  According to the June 20 blog post on Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, William Cassidy is up in arms about a Windmill farm to be located in his desert valley in California.

Like the fictional Don Quixote, Don Cassidy is tilting at windmills, his imaginary foes. And like Don Quixote, William Cassidy’s very life is fiction.  When no lama would recognize him, he appointed himself a Tulku, Tenpa Rinpoche.  Before that while he was living in Nevada and before he was incarcerated for arson and domestic violence, he recognized himself as Jigme Rinpoche.

While making claims to being a reincarnated teacher or two, in his latest blog post Cassidy stoops to obcene sexual fantasy, inviting readers to participate in the analogy of paying whores extra to tell him that they love him, as if one has had the very experience he cites.  Who is this “Rinpoche” who is so conversant in the practices of whores, and so casual in his assumption of the reader’s complicity?  At least Don Quixote was under the illusion that his Dulcinea was NOT a whore, but a beautiful, noble woman.

Rather than an environmental disaster, it sounds more like the windmills Cassidy abhors are going to mess up his Dharma theme park.  Once again, Cassidy is far more concerned about himself than the plight of others, suffering from natural disaster.

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