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Merch! It’s a Gold Mine!

Those in the music business will tell you that where you really make your money on tour is not from ticket sales.  It’s from Merch!  Merchandise brings in the bucks. It seems William Cassidy, aka Tenpa Rinpoche tried to make a buck himself with a line of Old Rabbit Mine merchandise.  Old Rabbit Mine is a company with the same address as Cassidy’s Bodhidharma Meditation Center – 29720 COVE ROAD, LUCERNE VALLEY, CA, United States.  Despite his recent stupa construction project, the Bodhidharma Center does not appear to be open for business.  In fact, many of the links for the Center appear to have been dismantled.   But if you can’t go there yourself, you can at least buy the T-shirt, and so much more!  Here’s what’s on offer on cafepress:


Intimate Apparel!

And Greeting Cards – of Himself.

The Second card from the left was a photo taken of Cassidy in 2008 at the Amitabha Stupa in Arizona when he was pretending to be a real tulku – Tenpa Rinpoche, before he was outed for being a fraud.  The second photo is of him masquerading as a monk taken while he was on the lam in California earlier in 2008.  You can see the same photo on the FJ Cruiser forum and in an earlier post on this blog.  The last image is of him in Dzogchen robes, date unknown.  He’s tried all the outfits and none of them fit.  Can this story get any weirder?

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