In his May 28, 2010 blog post on Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, William Cassidy, aka Tenpa Rinpoche, tries to make the argument that His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, and Dzongnang Rinpoche made a mistake by recognizing Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo as the Genyenma Ahkon Lhamo, the sister of Rigdzin Kunzang Sherab, the First Throneholder of the Palyul Lineage, and subsequently enthroning her as a throneholder of the Palyul lineage.  Like everything else Cassidy writes, his post is filled with lies, innuendos and hubris.

Cassidy cites The Buddha From Brooklyn by Martha Sherrill to support his attempts to defame Jetsunma’s character.  However, as we have previously pointed out Martha Sherrill’s key informant, Michelle Grissom confessed to having lied to Sherrill.  As Grissom states in her confession, Martha Sherrill caught me changing my story several times but she still didn’t see it. She believed in my good intentions. Cassidy goes on to claim that Jetsunma was arrested in 1996.  This is also not true.  Michelle Grissom admits in her confession to filing charges against Jetsunma, but lacking substance, the charges were thrown out.  Jetsunma was never arrested.

Cassidy’s claim that Palyul throneholders do not support Jetsunma is also baseless. Palyul’s throneholders support Jetsunma.  During a Tsog for Jetsunma’s long life officiated by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche at the Palyul Retreat Center in New York in 2005, His Holiness called Jetsunma “a good and perfect teacher.”  He spoke of her dharma activity, the 24 hour prayer vigil for world peace she started twenty-five years ago, her very large ordained sangha, and her teachings on bodhicitta.  He also talks about how some in America are just jealous of her, and that this jealousy does not harm Jetsunma, it harms the jealous person. He reiterates that as a throneholder he has the right to recognize whom he wishes, and that Palyul and the other Nyingma schools believe what he says.

During his visit to Jetsunma’s center, Kunzang Palyul Choling in Poolesville, MD in Fall 2009, His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, the current Palyul throneholder, reiterated that His Holiness recognized Jetsunma as the incarnation of the first Ahkon Lhamo, that HH Penor Rinpoche enthroned Jetsunma in order for her to propagate the buddhadharma and the Vajrayana teachings in the West. HH Karma Kuchen goes on to praise the work Jetsunma has done to spread the dharma and help Westerners on the path. Clearly William Cassidy is not facing facts.

What motivates Cassidy’s continuous onslaught on Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo?  Self interest.  Cassidy wants to establish himself as a tulku, despite the fact that he has no lineage and no one has recognized himself as such.  Jetsunma has outed his scheme that he is a fake.  This throws a wrench into Cassidy’s plans and his credibility.  He has responded by creating numerous impersonation accounts to taunt, defame, harass, intimidate, stalk, and threaten Jetsunma on Twitter.

Some examples include:

Who is Stalking Who?

Who is Behind the Curtain?

Attack on Palyul

All of this is a smokescreen to hide the fact that he is working another con.  He has made a career of conning others, and apparently sees no need to change his ways.  See Conpendium for history of Cassidy’s cons.  William Cassidy went to prison for arson and domestic violence.  He is an imposter and a felon, lacking any shred of credibility.  Seems the very polar opposite of the buddhadharma.  Perhaps William Cassidy needs to find a pure teacher, follow his/her advice and start practicing for real.

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