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King of the Sandbox

Based on previous posts by William Cassidy also known as Tenpa Rinpoche on his blog Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, we know that Cassidy has been in discussions with Tulku Ogyen Rinpoche.

In fact when asked about Cassidy, Tulku Ogyen confirmed having visited Cassidy’s compound in Lucerne Valley in January, 2010.  Cassidy, as Tenpa, also blogged about this visit on Tulku Ogyen’s blog.

We are not sure what the nature of their relationship is, but Tulku Ogyen from his Twitter account made the following reply regarding Cassidy as Tenpa Rinpoche:

Tulku Ogyen’s Twitter account has since been deleted, and may have been operated by William Cassidy at the time.  As seen above, Cassidy as Tenpa does operate Tulku Ogyen’s blog, so we cannot confirm for sure whether Tulku Ogyen himself wrote that tweet or not.

On Facebook we see that Cassidy aka Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche has signed up to attend Tulku Ogyen’s Nyung-Ne retreat on June 11, 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Recently @Vajragurl who we believe is an account operated at times by Cassidy himself ,as well as by his girlfriend Jewel Lilly Annabella, has tweeted about Tenpa Rinpoche getting enthroned.

Only a high lama with experience can enthrone someone.   It is not done lightly.  We can’t imagine any high Palyul Lama entertaining this let alone actually enthroning a known felon like William Cassidy who has conned other Dharma centers.  It would be a travesty.  We wonder if Tulku Ogyen is aware of this.

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