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Naming Names

On May 25, 2010 William Cassidy, a conman with a long history of deception for personal gain, began to weave yet another web to entrap unsuspecting, inexperienced seekers interested in Buddhism.

If our introduction sounds dramatic, please review the post outlining his criminal history. We reference many sources, including news paper articles and legal documents. It is important to understand the work of William Cassidy in the context of who he really is.

He proposes, in the post dated May 25, 2010 entitled “Meditation Lesson,”  that he was the secretary to an important Lama when he was 17 years old.

Please take note that, in typical conman fashion, he never provides any references, names, locations, or details that can be verified. We must take him at his word, and he spins his words attractively, cleverly, drawing in the unsuspecting seeker.  “I don’t think it serves any useful purpose to name names.”

In fact, William Cassidy, who claims on his blog, Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, to be “Tulku” Tenpa Rinpoche, never sees a reason to “name names” regarding his recognition, lineage or teachers. He uses the posture of false humility; however we propose that if he were truly humble he would not call himself a “Tulku” without acknowledging the Lineage Master who conferred upon him such a title.  To make that claim without acknowledging the Lineage is to focus the title on himself, rather than the Lineage a true Tulku would seek to uphold.

We would like to point out that William Cassidy has actually named many names in his past, with reference to himself. In fact, “Tenpa” is not the first “Rinpoche” title he claimed.  Before Tenpa he was Jigme.

William Cassidy, as we have revealed in earlier posts related to his malicious twitter activity, is also starting yet another Dharma Center:

Though his pseudo-Dharma may seem appealing initially, upon further investigation one finds his presentations lack any true appreciation of Vajrayana. He is unable to acknowledge his teachers, or his Lineage, cornerstones of Vajrayana Practice. William Cassidy, felon and conman does have the right to make up his own religion and peddle it like snake oil, but he does not have the right to then claim to have the authority of an ancient tradition. Beware of false teachers, and know who you are dealing with, no matter how clever the words.

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