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Something To Hide

Back in the barn…

(Yawn!) Well, William Cassidy is at it again. Realizing that few who read his rants actually give credibility to anything he writes, he has decided to come up with … Proof!  Well, the last time he did this, that is – basing his bouts of verbal diarrhea on the printed word – he used a book whose main contributor has since recanted most of what she said, essentially rendering the book a work of realistic fiction, not non-fiction.

This time, he has decided to work backwards by fabricating “proof” to fit the tired rants he keeps blogging and tweeting ad nauseum – as if the mere repetition will render them true.  Revising history before your very eyes!  Case in point: Cassidy’s latest post titled “No Confidence.
Gentle readers, we don’t wish to insult your intelligence by pointing out the obvious – but would you kindly indulge us as we list the number of huge holes in this latest pathetic attempt to appear holier-than-thou?
  • The letter is written on stationery belonging to a charitable foundation, not the stationery of His Holiness’s monastery or retreat center.
  • There is no date on the letter.
  • The letter is not signed.
  • The letter is not written in Holiness’ style of writing.
  • The style of the writing does sound familiar, however… (hmmm).
  • Had Holiness Penor Rinpoche truly written this letter – would he actually have continued to visit KPC? Encourage his Heart Sons and Khenpos to do so as well?
  • Official letters from Palyul Teachers look more like this.  Oh, and lookie there! Real Tulkus are recognized by High Lamas, traditionally authorized to do so, and recognition becomes complete with a ceremony done for that purpose (something the PL blogger has no clue about).
And finally – how in the world would William Cassidy have gotten his hands on such a letter – assuming it did exist?  Maybe one word – Photoshop?

We note with interest that the bogus letter is produced on the letterhead of Penor Rinpoche’s charitable foundation. A letter on foundation letterhead was stolen from KPC in 2008 by William Cassidy.  You will note that same blog “Pure Lineage” has a post referring to a letter they possess regarding charitable donations from HHPR–confirming they are still in possession of stolen documents.
Anyone can post anything on the web.  Use discrimination.  And be careful where you step….
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