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Who ARE You Talking To?

Who ARE you talking to? Online this isn’t so clear, and when it comes to Spiritual Teachers, things can get tricky quite quickly.

On February 21st we published a post indicating that H.E. the 9th Ogyen Tulku of the Palyul Lineage had elected to allow William L. Cassidy, convicted felon and known con-man to operate both his twitter account and his blog.

As some may find this difficult to believe, we are presenting some visual food for thought: A a series of screenshots of recent posts to Tulku Ogyen’s blog and to Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, William Cassidy’s blog he operates under the fraudulent title “Tulku Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche.”

Here are two posts, nearly identical, announcing an English translation of the Black Dzambhala Sadhana. Note “Tenpa” generously offers it as a gift to his readers!

In case that is not enough evidence, here is a screenshot taken from a feedreader that identifies the person making the post:
screenshot of the post from TOs blog from a feedreader that shows it was posted by “Tenpa”

Here is another set of duplicate posts for both blogs:

So, why exactly are we making a big deal out of this? Well…we just want to be sure folks know who they’re talking to when they communicate with “Tulku Ogyen”:

You can verify this yourselves by following these links:



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