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As a public service announcement, it has been confirmed with Tulku Ogyen that William Cassidy a.k.a. Tenpa Rinpoche (@tenparinpoche) is operating Tulku Ogyen’s blog,; Tulku Ogyen’s twitter account @TulkuOgyen; and the Palyul twitter account, @palyul.  This is not likely to change in the near future.  Readers of Tulku Ogyen’s blog and Twitter account should be aware that the opinions expressed therein are those of William Cassidy.  However, it would appear that Tulku Ogyen is aware of this misrepresentation of himself, and allowing it to happen. Tulku described his relationship with William Cassidy as personal, and although he has been notified in person as well as through official channels, regarding the character of Cassidy, a known felon and con artist, he continues to associate with him.

While the reader may believe they are interfacing with Tulku Ogyen on these sites, they are in fact interfacing with Cassidy.  Therefore for those who are visiting Tulku’s site looking for spiritual advice and guidance, please be aware you are not receiving information from a recognized and credentialed Tulku, rather interfacing with a person who has Chinese government/ money and mafia connections as well as a long criminal history. It begs the question as to Tulku’s involvement; which seems fundamentally dishonest and unethical if he is in fact engaged in activities with William Cassidy. The reader should be aware that whatever private information they may share over these various Internet communications, Cassidy will use to his advantage illegally.

Lastly, tweets from the Palyul Twitter account do not represent the official views and opinions of Palyul, but of William Cassidy, known felon and con artist. For more information, see this blog post

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