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Just another Sad Sang

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

When we have the good fortune to receive lamas at our center, it is only natural to share that information and especially the names of the lamas with others.  From an ordinary journalistic point of view, it adds credibility to our news story.  And from a Tibetan Buddhist point of view, it is considered a blessing even to read or hear the name of a realized being, so naturally one would want to share the name of such esteemed visitors with others.

Oddly, this is not what William Cassidy, akaTenpa Rinpoche (self-proclaimed) does.  If you review the posts on his blog Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, the common thread throughout is a complete lack of citation.  Cassidy expends great effort to build an illusion of authenticity, but provides not a shred of valid evidence.  In other words, much ado about nothing.

In his recent post entitled “On Location” he claims to have lamas visiting to bury vases, and conduct a sang, but does not name them.  All the photos of people in this post either have their heads cropped out or are taken from the back so their faces are not visible.  This is very strange. Why wouldn’t he show their faces?  Name them?  Why the secrecy?  Above one such photo, he offers this reason: “Below is a documentary photo of the documentary photo. The reason why I do this is because I feel compelled to protect the privacy of guests, and since we ain’t selling anything, who cares?” It looks like just another case of Cassidy’s smoke and mirrors.

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