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A Man of His Word

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We had to take a moment to make note of the fact that despite his continued claims to be “closed” in observance of the Nyingma Monlam, “Tulku Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche,” the name under which convicted felon William Cassidy publishes the blog “Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar,” could not resist gloating over the “accuracy” of the earthquake predictions he made in his astrology post for 2010.

In his post on January 21, he leads with this statement:  “An uninformed relationship with the elements caused many to experience some considerable misery this past  week.  As predicted, the water element went to excess in many locales, with resulting disturbance of the earth element.  So how did we see this?”

Some considerable misery?  It would be difficult to describe the devastation in Haiti; we will not even attempt it here.  If you are not already keenly aware of the suffering this event has brought on hundreds of thousands of people, we will refer you to CNN as just one starting point.  You will also find information via the same link to ways you can help–something Mr. Cassidy completely neglected to mention while he was busy dazzling us with his brilliant interpretation of the elements.

In fact, if you explore his blog, you will see his response to the devastation and massive human loss was to publish and tweet an “amulet for protection from earthquakes”–a bit late it seems–and again, no mention of the suffering of so many, and no reference to any way to help.  And this is a man who claims he is a “tulku”–a reincarnate Bodhisattva deliberately taking birth for the benefit of beings.

As we have outlined extensively here, his track record is that of an unsuccessful con man.  What qualities does he display, even now?  Rather than offering any sign of compassion for those impacted by the event he predicted, he brags about his prowess as a Tibetan/Chinese Astrologer.

Cassidy does continue in his post to discuss related “imbalances” that manifest as various forms of insanity or mental instability.  But his rambling interpretation of whatever Dharma he has read, but clearly not accomplished, makes us wonder how close to his own assessment he is himself.

Last month he announced his intention to “wind down” his blog and go on an extended retreat.  Then he said he was “closing” in observance of the Nyingma Monlam and would resume on the 26th.  Then even that small break was interrupted by his compulsion to throw in a little gloat over a disaster he predicted while  “closed.”

Whether it’s playing both sides of a lawsuit, as he did in the Binion Trial, conning a bunch of Buddhists in Arizona, or even making promises on his own blog–we can see that William Cassidy can be counted on for one thing–he is NOT a man of his word.

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