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Smoke and Mirrors

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A comment:

So William Cassidy, who calls himself Tulku Tenpa, or Tenpa Rinpoche, or whatever. . .  was a smoker.  He showed up with COPD, having had a heart attack, and claiming to have lung cancer.  And he’s still blowing smoke and breathing heavy.  Oh, and writing treatises that take the unsuspecting follower around, down, and through  —   through what, you ask?  His con artist mind  that is a deception of smoke and mirrors.
Now the smokey trail is about Lineage. In Tibetan Buddhism, pure Lineage is one of the greatest gifts offered to the sincere practitioner. Without the guidance of a pure, strong Lineage of Accomplishment, a practitioner is easily lost.  Pure lineage provides a much needed refuge, a wellspring of virtue and guidance that one can and must rely on in order to safely progress on the path to Enlightenment.
But to Cassidy, who has none of the above, Lineage is easily dispensed of, like flicking a cigarette. So casual. A parlor game. And the innocent seeker, looking for true spiritual food, is left looking in a smokey mirror, holding a cold empty ashtray.
Breathing Pure Air

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