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Says He’s a Teacher? Check Him Out

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Another comment received that we’d like to share:

In reading the blog entries by William Cassidy regarding recognition, lineage and Guru Yoga I find his statements lack any foundation.  He puts a spin on the truth that could easily confuse someone if they did not check the source and investigate these statements beyond face value.

As a Dharma student, I have been taught by my Guru to always question the source and only rely on advice given by a qualified teacher.  I cannot rely only on someone saying he was recognized and move blindly forward.  This is an important decision.  I want to be of benefit to beings and follow a teacher that I know will show me the way.  As a student with an ordinary mind, I rely on lineage to guide me.

So how do you know if someone is qualified?  In our tradition, we look at the qualities of the teacher and we look at their teacher and so on.  My teacher and my teacher’s teacher and so on can trace our lineage back to the Buddha.  So, to dispel doubts we ask questions and we verify lineage.  In Mr. Cassidy’s case, how in heck can you do this?  Okay, he claims Dudjom Rinpoche recognized him but there is no trail to follow due to modesty, secrecy, or whatever.  When I ask others about him, they say Mr. Cassidy told them he was recognized by Dudjom Rinpoche (who has passed away).  Pause…hmmm, this does not allow for a full investigation which is needed to make an informed decision.

Okay, setting that aside for a moment…Where are his students?  How did they check out his qualities and lineage?  Or are there any students?

As I move forward with the inquiries, I am greeted with a barrage of reasons why the information is not presented.  Well, for me that is the answer.  If the questions cannot be answered or will not be answered then that is the end.  I will not gamble on something as precious as spiritual development.  I hope that others will look at the full equation here and not naively trust this person because he can talk a good game.

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