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Response from Michelle's Mother

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My Name is Ayla and I have been asked what it feels like to have my
daughter Michelle return after 13 years of estrangement?

My first response is amazing, simply amazing, yet this is only the
highest tip of the feeling. It does not encompass the full and rich
experience I now have of really seeing and being with a precious human
being who has so much potential and happens to be my daughter. The
mother-daughter stuff is gone and when it even peaks into a
conversation it is easily addressed and evaporated with laughter,
mutual loving concern and respect. This is truly remarkable as anyone
who has known us knows there was plenty of mother-daughter stuff and
then some. This proves anything is possible.

When I read Michelle’s recent posted confession regarding her lies
about our Teacher, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, our Temple KPC and the
Sangha, I was overjoyed to see hoe much she had grown and what a
courageous woman she has become. I am so happy for her and for me as
we have a real basis for supporting one another to continue on the
path os self honesty.

Now that the 13 years are over it feels like it went by in a flash
however I remember while I was in those years how time dragged on
endlessly and how much I missed seeing my daughter. Every year I would
ask in my prayers if I could get a detective and find her now as I had
her social security number and I was her mother after all! Each year
the answer was the same “remember Jetsunma’s teachings and develop
more patience if you want respect you must give respect” so I kept
respecting my daughters wish for privacy.

As time went on other valued relationships came and went due to
impermanence so I comforted myself with the thought that this
estrangement was also impermanent and would one day end.

And here we are 13 years later reunited in a way that goes way beyond
anything I had hoped for thanks to this amazing Spiritual Path and the
tremendous skill and blessings of a remarkable Teacher Jetsunma Ahkon
Lhamo. May all beings be blessed by such a Path and such a Teacher so
they too can also be happy and have the causes for happiness!

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