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Right Livelihood

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Right Livelihood? Mr. Cassidy, aka Tulku Tenpa Rinpoche, has had a sordid past that includes trading in weapons. According to a Las Vegas Sun article, “Cassidy embroiled in another caper,” (April 13, 2000, http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2000/apr/13/cassidy-embroiled-in-another-caper/ ) Cassidy, in 1987, “founded the Triad Armaments Corp., a short-lived Westminster, California, company that sold a classified weapons system to a foreign government.” The interviewer remarks, “This is one of those topics Cassidy declined to discuss in detail, other than to say that the sale was legal under federal arms export laws and was approved by the U.S. government. He said it was the company’s only transaction.”

In teachings about the Eightfold Path, the Buddha explained the importance of Right Livelihood. One’s livelihood affects one’s mindset, which affects one’s spiritual path. For that reason, Buddhist practitioners should not engage in professions that cause harm to others. The Buddha outlines the five types of livelihoods that should be avoided. These include:

Business in weapons: trading in all kinds of weapons and instruments for killing.

Business in human beings: slave trading, prostitution, or the buying and selling of children or adults.

Business in meat: “meat” refers to the bodies of beings after they are killed. This includes breeding animals for slaughter.

Business in intoxicants: manufacturing or selling intoxicating drinks or addictive drugs.

Business in poison: producing or trading in any kind of toxic product designed to kill.

Buying and selling weapons that are meant solely to harm others is not right livelihood, Mr. Cassidy.

  1. Leila
    September 6, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    Wow, he is really out to get Dharma, isn’t he? Guru Rinpoche saw what was beneficial in Bon and incorporated it into Tibetan Buddhism. Which is why it is so ritualistic, substance oriented, ceremonial. So I say:
    GURU RINPOCHE already handled it, Buck-o. He took what was good and junked the rest that was useless, and even dark. There was a lot of black magic in Bon. Like blood sacrifice.
    As usual, Cassidy doesn’t see pure Dharma, cannot discriminate the nectar. He thinks Bon is equal, in disagreement with Guru Padmasambava himself.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    Does anyone else see that he is actually against pure Dharma? He mixes it up and tries to weaken or pollute it. I think the issue is the man has never truly understood Dharma in the way a deep practioner would. He is not a true practioner. Just “for show”. And he likes to read and pontificate.

    Just another carnival act. Nothing to see here.

  2. BC
    September 6, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    From Cassidy’s blog post today it seems he is feeling sorry for himself. Quoting old Marcus A, he expects, basically that people will be mean to him. Poor fella. He just sits out in the desert all innocent and sensitive. And people are just mean to him for no reason. Yeah right. As if.

    If Cassidy would just read his own history, he would SEE why. No, not the phony history he puts out. The real one. There are so many reasons he is experiencing the karma that is ripening for him now. So many people he has done wrong. Yet he sees himself as the lonesome, noble victim. Awww. Kinda cute.
    But I wonder if he has ever really heard the Dharma.
    Everything we experience is the result of karma- cause and effect. You create the cause, and the effect is unavoidable. So to change one’s life, one has to change oneself.

    Except in Cassidy’s case, if you ask him. In his case he has never done anything wrong. People are just big meanies to him.
    If anyone has created the causes for suffering in this and future lifetimes it is William Cassidy. He has committed nearly every crime this practitioner can think of. So why not purify the old karma like everyone else? Oh, right. He thinks he is beyond karma.

    Well if he thinks like that, the purifying power of Dharma is not available to him. Too bad. He’ll be sitting out there until he dies wondering what happened. And next life too.

    My advice to Mr Cassidy is to begin immediately to accumulate Vajrasattva’s one hundred sylable Mantra from right NOW until the very moment of his death. It is his only hope for creating the causes
    For happiness in the future.

    I doubt he will, sadly. He cannot admit his crimes. And he doesn’t really practice Dharma any way.

    Poor baby.

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