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An Altar

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

An altar should inspire one’s faith and support one’s practice on the path to awakening. It’s a place to make offerings and to take refuge. A Tibetan Buddhist altar upholds what the practitioner holds most dear – the face of one’s own enlightenment in the forms of one’s teacher, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

Mr. Cassidy refers to his website as the Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar.  Lets take a look at the recent offerings on Mr. Cassidy’s altar.  He has posts on the decline and degeneration of the publishing industry and music (negative commentary on Jetsunma’s music that puts mantra, which is indestructible, to modern beats). He has an article called “Buddhist Televangelism: Put Your Hand on the Screen.” In another post he claims that Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t work. He also has posts about Buddhism and Taiwan’s economy, images of oversized rabbits, tents, and a daily dose of astrology.

Mr. Cassidy peppers his posts with some references to Dharma supports such as Stupas or a Lama. More disturbing are his posts in which he offers his commentary on the meaning of Protectors, or much worse when he claims to offer a White Mahakala “Empowerment” in a series of posts. This is not possible to do. Recognized Tulkus cannot, do not, and would not offer empowerments over the internet. This does not allow for proper transmission from teacher to student. And Mr. Cassidy is not recognized as a Buddhist master. This is not an empowerment, but rather the opposite. This is what he has to offer? Rather than inspire faith, his blog reads like a tabloid.

  1. Seeker
    September 4, 2009 at 7:16 am

    ay WHAT?

    I have seen the Digital Altar site. A number of times, in fact. I thought eventually I would see something- holy. Or worshipful. Or even inspiring. Thoughtful. Anything remotely sacred. Is that too much to ask from a site that calls itself an altar?
    One day there is some of the most blistering hate I have ever seen online. The next day there is stuff about rabbits, then tents, then basically ego-centric babble, then various occult items, then revenge, more hate, judging of others- it goes on and on.
    I have seen some Tibetan Buddhist rap. My friends tell me it is all wrong. And even when something is quoted it is wrong. (I myself am not Buddhist. Just a spiritual person). And that “Wrathful Diety” teaching should never be given online without “empowerment” and “samaya”, according to him.

    My main point is this: why call it an altar when it is so vile, and anything BUT holy and sacred? Why not call it “One Guy’s Bullshit”? Because that’s all there is. BS.
    So my friend tells me this guy is a fake and bad news. So what. How many people just post their mental flatulence? Way too many. We have the option to ignore them. But there is no such option here, because it is titled ALTAR.
    In short I feel this is a rip-off, unethical, an abomination if you call it ALTAR. It is not.
    More like someone likes to see themselves online. A fake religious thing. Just a waste of time.

    If you are a SEEKER like me, don’t bother. The guy has nothing to offer.

    Anyone know of something real? I’m done with the snake charmers.


  2. Drigug
    September 4, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Hey, wassup?

    Isn’t the guy who does the Tibetan Digital Altar also the freak that ran into trouble with the Exotic Knife Collector people? What am I missing here?
    How does a fake knife collector become a religious figure?
    I am a knife and gun collector. I don’t use them on people or animals. But I just love the history.
    The history on Cassidy regarding the collecting community is that he is a shyster. He owes a lot of good people a lot of money.
    Listen, he acts like an expert on a lot of things. He’s just a crook. If you think this guy is a religious figure you are dumber than the collectors.


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