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Dear Jetsunma

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We received this letter in comments, however wanted to share as a post to our readers because of it’s importance:

Dear Jetsunma,

With great respect, I wish to ask a question. Why would you advise your students to lay off the outing of Cassidy as a fraud?  You must be aware of his other blogs. His spew of hatred is everywhere. He hides behind Buddhism to call you an addict, a mentally disturbed person, a Nazi, a pill pusher, a sexual pervert, an alcoholic, you name it.  He uses a Buddhist title, made up by him, to say you have no right to your properly conferred title. And that it was bought, purchased from the purest GURU that ever walked the earth. This is despicable, and based his own jealousy. He SO wants what you have prepared lifetimes for!
Cassidy has defamed you, harmed your very good name, caused other potential Dharma students to think badly of you.  He is trying to prevent you from keeping to your sacred vocation. All while saying he is the better Buddhist. Will you let him do this to you?  Will you let him do this to Dharma?
Will you finally pull the legal plug on this monster for the sake of Dharma and all sentient beings?


  1. Don
    September 3, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    The man in your spotlight is worthy of discovery. In Nevada he had his fingers in many pies. He tries to appear competent and sharp. In the thick of things he was anything but. He would seem savvy right before he made some devastating mistake (which he invariably did) because he was so out of control.
    He was a hard drinker. Always smelled of liquor. I believe that is why he had so much trouble sticking to the rule of law.

    I hear he can’t drink now. I wonder, then about his behavior. He seems more out of control than ever. Now he is a Buddhist Messiah?

    This guy really lost it in Nevada. He spiraled down as drunks often do. And now he is out in the desert with a crazy NUN? Unbelievable. If people knew who he really was/is they would laugh their asses off.
    Unless they were Buiddhist. Sounds like they would be real surprised.

    Baked in Nevada

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