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The Mirror

In his post of August 28, William Cassidy (who calls himself “Tulku Urgyen Tenpa”), pretends to the authority of Trungpa Rinpoche in order to complain about instances of perverted sangha and lineage.  And he should know.  Mr. Cassidy has no sangha.  Mr. Cassidy has no lineage.  The honorifics he uses (“Tulku” and “Rinpoche”) are self-conferred.  The lines he cites (see below) are well chosen:  they perfectly mirror his own practice and efforts.

The leader and his flock reinforce each other’s
identities. As is said in the Sutra of the Treasury of Buddha,
‘If someone teaches with ignorance, it is worse than if he
took the lives of the inhabitants of three iniverses, because
his ability to teach the dharma is impure.’ Inevitably this
organization, this collective ego, will look for further
confirmation of its health and existence. It may even take
as its credentials the transmission of the lineage, the
teachings of the great masters, but it will be a prostitution
of those teachings

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