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Turning Poison Into Nectar

William Cassidy’s post today, August 27, 2009, is yet another brazen example of a batterer’s sociopathic thought process.  Here is a quote from his post “…once upon a time, you dreamed that somebody came clump, clump, clumping up the stairs to your bedroom and did you an injury.  Notions of ‘who,’ or ‘why’ just don’t matter.  Maybe it was somebody you knew.  Maybe it was the bogeyman.  Maybe you were secretly in love with the bogeyman and wished he would come.” Imagine.  This is from a man who likes to think that he understands Buddhism, even thinks of himself as a teacher.  And yet he is twisted enough to think that any woman would WANT to be attacked.  No one WANTS to be attacked.  Violence is a form of hatred.  We have pointed out in a previous post the characteristics of a batterer.  In this post, we see that he is psyching himself up to attack his current object of interest.  And who might that be?  Cassidy has been cyberstaIlking Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo for more than a year now.  He is a dangerous man who when frustrated and can’t get what he wants, will beat it out of any woman, no matter whether she is a girlfriend, his mother, or his wife.

But Jetsunma is not the only woman who has to deal with this kind of mentally deranged menace.  According to the US Department of Justice, more than one million women in the US are stalked each year.  We want to reach out to such women.  In an effort to do so, we have launched a new blog called Cyber Stalker Alert.  The mission of this blog is to “empower women who are being stalked.”  “As Buddhists, we wish to help women recognize that true compassion is not to be equated with submissiveness, passivity, or tolerance of harmful behavior.  Stopping a stalker is the only way to help a stalker.  We aim to help women recognize patterns of abuse and find resources to deal with that abuse.  Resources are available in the community, but they are also available within……  We invite you to visit the blog, it is currently under construction.

In this way, may the poison that Mr. Cassidy spews forth through his words and deeds, be transformed into something that may benefit many beings.  May all women be empowered and have the courage to stand up to aggression.

  1. Concerned Reader
    August 29, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I knew Bill very well once. There is a lot you should know about him. I don’t want to go into it online.
    Let me just say I am overjoyed he did time for his habit of beating up women. I believe my info will be of some help.
    He really should remain locked up for the rest of his life. Sorry he is hurting you. Please send me a private way to contact you.

  2. Leila
    September 4, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    How sad to see that after ALL Mr Cassidy’s many marriages he feels that marriage is like a root canal. How many marriages? Baker’s dozen? Who knows. You know, after reading what he does to his wives it doesn’t surprise me. Women are just so troublesome when they need beating all the time. They get moody. Downright cantankerous. And then they run away, leaving Mr Cassidy all by his lonesome with nothing but his fists to comfort him. Or whatever he beats them with.
    After he did so much for them. Gave them character, those beatings did, right? They deserved it, didn’t they? And they ALWAYS put out for him afterward, didn’t they? No, not out of fear. No. The beatings turned them on! They liked it! Came back for more!
    I wonder why he felt like he was getting a root canal. First, obviously it did not happen. The man has no teeth. Just little black stubs. A real turn on, yesiree.

    I wonder what the women felt like after a marriage to him. Bruised? Fractured? Damaged? I bet it was much worse than a root canal for them. Much much worse.
    I really understand Mr Cassidy’s feeling that he’s been jilted. That women are no good. That they deserve to be used as punching bags. And they better bend over and give him what he deserves as a man. So ladies, even if you are bleeding from your ears and your lip is busted you better grab your ankles and give the man what he wants! Or you’ll get more lessons.

    How dysfunctional can a marriage be? Well, if they are abusive, pretty darn bad, I imagine. If one confuses violence with love, and manipulation and power for relating it gets real confusing. And painful if you are on the receiving end.
    But still. He spent their money, ignored the children he fathered, beat them all soundly and abandoned them. This guy is a prince.

    If he is a Buddhist, and was taught compassion he is a total failure. You can see it on his blogs. Everyone is flawed but him. And his main emotion is RAGE. He spends all his time pointing out other’s faults while he himself is a boiling vat of shit piss and vomit.
    Maybe spend a little time on your own flaws, Mr Wonderful?
    You and the ex-nun? Lots to work on, I assure you.
    And after all the Consort thing really didn’t work out for her, did it?

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