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Letter from concerned reader

I think the work you are doing to protect Dharma is essential. I have been following your site and it is a real eye-opener. There really are many unqualified and crooked “spiritual teachers” out there. And recently, to my great sadness, faux Lamas.

People like Cassidy are cruel. So many starting fresh in Dharma are like little children, in awe, in love with the whole scene. These people are easy marks for a charlatan like him. Heartbreaking, really, when there are so many flawless Lamas.

He will also prey on the deluded. Those who know a little Dharma, but not enough to spot a fake who builds up the ego and tells them what they want to hear. That too is cruel. Students disillusioned by some event along the way should always be sent back to their Root Gurus to purify the non-virtue. The Root Guru is everything in Vajrayana. They are the very mirror through which one works the path.

If one leaves the connection with the Root tainted or broken there is never a good result. And though we may convince ourselves otherwise, there is no further progress toward realization.

I see that Cassidy really hammers on Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo constantly. Yet she is renowned as a pure teacher, compassionate, loved. And she is the spiritual descendant of some amazing Dharma heros. She is properly recognized, properly enthroned, properly documented.

The criminal history of this Cassidy is amazing. And it is outrageous that anyone would follow him to the hell realms. How sad! I feel you should take all this to the police. And show them every single bit of information you have.

Please continue your work! We who stand for pure dharma support and pray for you.

Please keep Jetsunma safe! There is no one else like her in the whole world.


  1. anonymous
    August 29, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I just can’t understand how this person is running a blog called an Altar. What kind of altar is it? There is nothing but taunting, hate, and wrongdoing. Is it a cult? Or just one asshole?

    I don’t see anything that is worshipful. In fact the blog seems very dark and ominous. Why would you threaten someone on an altar? Is this a demon?

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