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Gates of Dharma

We note with pleasure that Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo has recently started a new website called Tibetan Buddhist Altar.org.  It appears that the  website is to provide people with a place of refuge no matter where they are in the world.  They don’t have to be at a Temple or in a shrine room to gaze at sacred images, read the Dharma, and take refuge in what is truly wholesome.  The site includes a blog, as well as galleries of sacred images, altars, and teachers.

Jetsunma's Prayer Room Mainweb

A particularly inspiring comment was left on the blog today from Ann, referring to a teaching on Compassion – “Thank you for this teaching.  A link to this appeared in my inbox just when I needed it.  I have known a number of practitioners who left the dharma and had to face that possibility for myself.  Now after 10 years of dharma I am teetering there.  Due to your kindness in posting this article, now I vow to cultivate compassion every day.  I pray that it will bring me back to consistent practice.  Thank you.”

Hopefully Ann and others who are teetering will find true refuge, be strengthened, and swiftly accomplish the Path.

We are on the look out for other Gates of Dharma that can benefit beings.  We encourage you to share ones that you have found.

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