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Purchasing Recognition?

In his post dated August 7, 2009, William Cassidy (aka “Tulku Orgyen Tenpa”) has taken a page out of his own playbook. He pretends to bring to light an unnamed “tulku” who “bought recognition.” Unlike other blog posts, in which he defames and lies about actual, living people in a shameless way that would be libelous in print, this post teasingly holds back on naming the alleged perpetrator.

Instead, he carelessly hums an innocuous-sounding little insinuation, like a tune from a Winnie the Pooh with fangs:

“You have to ask yourself: is it better to keep this at the back-alley
whisper level, or better to drag it, kicking and screaming, into the

Then he brings all this innuendo to a crescendo, asking, more than rhetorically:

“Is this rumor mongering, gossip mongering, or catharsis? Is it catharsis, or a long overdue investigation?”

Do we really need to reply on behalf of intelligent people?

Of course, it is rumor mongering! Of course, it is gossip mongering! He insults the reader with the implication that gossip is “cathartic,” on the assumption that gossip is what his readers really want!

Moreover, he is asking his readers to participate with him in the most heinous of all offenses against the Dharma, an attempt to create dissension in the spiritual community! Why would even a self-professed spiritual teacher invite his readers down the path of non-virtue?

Why, indeed! In an inevitable revelation of his compulsion to project, project, project on the world around him whatever is in his own mind, he actually tells us!

“In a certain profession, there is a name for anonymous, accusatory

documents that come in over the transom: they call this “noise,”

and give it very low ratings. Often, it tells more about the author

than the target, and to that extent may have some slight collateral

value. Once, in a blue moon, the information turns out to be

credible. More often than not, it is just a troll. Sucker bait for the unwary.”

Why no name, then? With Cassidy, that is always a sign that he is bluffing! So, who is the unwary party he refers to? Who is really doing the trolling? Or is he so deluded that he thinks he can in this way solicit the very treatment he pretends to expose?

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