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Deluded Man Lashes Out

Cassidy aka “Tulku Tenpa” woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, lashing out and displaying his poisons of anger and judgment in full array.

He begins his post with the following quote from himself. (How many personalities does this man have, one wonders?)

“I believe that one day, our capacity to make excuses for doing that which we

should not do will run head-on into the tree of our excuses for not doing that

which we should do, and all excuses will be finally be recognized as having the

same origin.”


Tenpa, next time, have an editor review your work. “…will be finally be.”

Cassidy quotes from Fifty Verses on Guru Devotion by Avagosha about what to avoid in a Spiritual Master. Perhaps Cassidy was not struck by the irony that this quote mirrors his own poor qualities as displayed in this and many of his posts. It is very good advice and very succinct.

A disciple with sense should not accept as his Guru someone who

lacks compassion or who is angersome, vicious or arrogant,

possessive, undisciplined or boasts of his knowledge. (Verse 7)

Cassidy then goes on to repost an old blog entry from February 9, 2009 of what amounts to a nuisance complaint filed against Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo that was subsequently dropped. The real irony is that the original post made on February 9th took place while Cassidy aka Tulku Tenpa was behind bars, serving out his own sentence in Nevada.

The rest of his post is a series of lies, and fabrications. He ends with a threat, or as he puts it “prophecy” of impending tragedy around the KPC Temple in Poolesville, MD. Coming from a convicted arsonist with a history of violence, this will be taken very seriously.

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