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Cassidy To Be Extradited to Nevada

March 18, 2008 Leave a comment

William L. Cassidy appeared in court today in San Bernardino County at a waiver hearing. He said, “I waive”, and was whisked away with another felon. He will be transported to Clark County, Nevada where he will remain in jail awaiting his probation revocation hearing. We have learned it can take a month to even book a hearing.


Booking Information

March 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is the booking information from Cassidy’s arrest yesterday:

You can follow this link to the website to view it for yourself but he will only be listed for 72 hours, so after 3-16-08 you will no longer be able to access the online file. We have a PDF copy we made in case you wish to confirm this is for real:

Tenpa/Cassidy arrested in Big Bear California

March 13, 2008 Leave a comment

We just learned that William Cassidy aka Tenpa was arrested today in Big Bear California for violation of probation re the Nevada conviction.


March 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Guru Rinpoche says that in these degenerate times demonic forces (demons, negative spirits, and harmful entities) are intentionally manifesting, sending forth deceptive emanations of themselves in the form of spiritual teachers, appearing as great scholars and realized ones, honorable and disciplined on the outside yet actually harmful entities on the inside. They are intentionally trying to lead sentient beings into lower realms.

Guru Rinpoche also said that during these degenerate times there are many demons and spirits who will say they are deities when they are not. Specifically, there are nine types that will come into human realms to lead beings astray on the spiritual path in these times. These negative spirits will manifest deceptive displays, making it appear that they have reached the first, second and third bhumis when in fact they haven’t. They will display magical signs to cause you to believe they have. They will even appear as bodhisattvas when they are not. They will manifest different signs and miraculous displays, through body, speech, and mind, so inconceivable that they will take your mind away. Seeing these deceptive displays of power, beings with weak merit and karma will experience the arising of faith in their minds and will focus all their devotion on these negative beings.

-Great Perfection Buddha in the Palm of the Hand, Commentary by Gyaltul Rinpoche, Yeshe Melong Publications